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10 Reasons Why I Wont Be Buying Metro Exodus on Epic

10 Reasons Why I Wont Be Buying Metro Exodus on Epic

A number of users have called it silly or petty complaining or avoiding buying Metro: Exodus due to it moving to Epic game launcher, however I don’t believe it is. As you can tell from the title, I have my reasons - and here they are!

Steam Games

If my wife asks, it's only 200 games I own on Steam.

These are the main reasons I will no longer be purchasing Metro Exodus

  1. I have over 2,000 games on Steam, I do not want to start a collection on another launcher
  2. Cloud saves on Steam have saved me replaying hours of games, and I also swap around which PC I use.
  3. I am now worried that Metro Exodus (and others that go for timed exclusivity) won't be maintained or have launcher-specific bugs fixed so that focus can remain on the Epic launcher
  4. With Steam I can share my games with my family through Family Share, so whenever I’m not using my Steam library, someone else can via their own account
  5. I can use In-Home Streaming from my computer running Steam to any non-gaming PC (or Android phone) which I use most weeks.
  6. I don’t want to set up a payment method in another place, especially since Fortnite is one of the biggest videogames around and more likely to have hackers try to access accounts
  7. Game launchers use up system resources, so each time I play a major resource hungry game I have to kill the process, due to this I am never running other launchers unless I want to pop in to that game.
  8. Always being able to take screenshots, while this one may come across as petty, It is so much easier to just know when I am in a game I can hit F12 and it takes a screenshot no matter which game I am playing.
  9. Game stats, there are a lot of us who love tracking how much gaming time we have racked up on a title, and keeping track of all of my PC games on Steam is a great feature, being unable to track that is be a big deal to someone like me.
  10. Part of number 9, but stats of my friends, 99% of who use Steam, I keep track of what people are playing and helps me decide what to play or even buy

I haven’t put achievements as that isn't a big thing for me, although I know it is for a lot of others.

I refuse to use Epic, but it’s not alone, this also happened with EA. I personally owned most of the EA titles on Steam before they moved off to their own game launcher. Since then I have only bought maybe three EA games. I would like to see games on multiple launchers, I just don't want to see exclusivity and users being forced on to a game launcher which they either do not want or that is not ready and up to scratch to what the consumer needs and wants.

Personally, I have had issues with Steam and I am not always happy with what they have done, BUT saying that, they have worked hard getting to where they are now.

Maybe a good solution would be to allow a game launcher to see other game launcher games, so in Steam, if it showed me playing a game on Epic Store or Origin it would show my friends what game and what launcher I am using, but all game launchers would need to support this to work.

As a gamer and a consumer I am not wanting a game publisher to dictate to me where I should buy my games from. Yes the Epic Store gives more profit to the publishers but maybe if they spent more time advertising this than using underhand tactics like forcing exclusives they would win over more people.

Steam Games Hours Played

Steve 'Rasher' Greenfield

Steve 'Rasher' Greenfield


Steve tends to do more work in the background these days than on the website. Keeps him out of trouble.

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gdub2d1 - 08:24pm, 13th February 2019

Starting with Halo 5 I've noticed that Gaming companies do not deliver on what they actually advertise.  With Halo 5, they kept advertising an epic battle between Master Chief and spartan Locke.  All it ende being is an epic copy and paste of levels, if you want call a walk around a camp a level or mission and mostly movie cutscenes and only gave you about a 30 second cutscene fight between Master Chief and Locke.

Fallout 76, was an absolute money grabbing rip off 'nuff said.  

Mass Effect Andromeda, did not even come close to delivering a rich-story that usually acompanies a well made Mass effect game.  Weak story, incomplete story line.  Replaced Reaper threat with the Kett, not to mention the horrible-hobbit like NPCs.  The Asari's looked exactly the same! really , the same npc mesh and face.  

What do all aforementioned games have in common?  closed beta offerings, deceptive practices and not in tune with the community that buys the game.  

There is a reason why gaming companies no longer offer game-demos, if they did, way less people would buy their crappy games.