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5 Monsters I Want to See in Monster Hunter World

5 Monsters I Want to See in Monster Hunter World

With the Monster Hunter World demo on the PS4 having passed, and another on the 22nd (details), I thought it’d be fun to write about my 5 most wanted Monsters to return in Monster Hunter World. As much as I want Great Jaggi and Royal Ludroth to return, the new (replacement) Monsters, Anjanath and Great Jagras, will have to do for now. These Monsters also, at time of writing are yet (hopefully) to be announced as returning. Also, this is in alphabetical order to avoid favouritism.


Arguably the king of blasts, this one horned Brute Wyvern is possibly one of the most devastating Monsters here to threaten a lone Lancer. From the explosive payloads it dishes out, to the horrifying leap it does like a predator pouncing on its prey. This is a Monster who doesn’t just leave scars, he leaves great big gaping holes from those boxing glove bruisers it wields. Drop that shield Lancer, the only thing you’re charging at is the Camp on a neko powered cart. But if there’s anything to be learnt from such a unstoppable force from 3 Ultimate, it’s that the only way to stop it, to become unstoppable yourself. Pick up that fish sword and start wetting your appetite, Hunter, you’ve got a date with the Micheal Bay of Monster Hunter.

2017 12 16 2

You're not that badass unless you're crushing Tigrex with one arm.

Gore Magala

First time into the series? How about fighting the flagship Monster with three other people who’ve never played the game as well? Oh, and how about killing it the quickest you can with low rank gear? Sounds tough, don’t worry you’ll be left infected, wanting more. That frenzy state? Nah, don’t worry. Just bite through the pain, don’t forget to watch out for its rage mode though. I didn’t warn you? Well then, better get to your sense Hunter. You’re saying you only saw darkness and your username saying you fainted? Don’t be so worried, you’ll get a feeler for the situation and soldier through this (traumatic) event. Hey look it’s flying away, wait no, it’s flying towards me. That’s not flying, that’s charging! “I’ll block it!” shouts the Lancer as he gets sent flying back. The Longswordsman laughs as he’s sent flying back, carting as well. Second chance? Maybe your Generation mate, I’ve barely recovered from that virus.


“Gunlance Ready!” the young Hunter cries, running into battle. Hopping into the fray, an elegant vault shocks the Bulldrome in awe as the war cries begin. Shaking the earth with the slam of the Gunlance, the ensuing bang draws much unwanted attention. “Bullfango charges nyan-bound” warns your faithful Palico, body poised, Gunlance loaded, a flash of white. The music changes, everything distorts with the world upside down. Dowsed, drenched, dazed, senses lost, a Palico hit knocks some sense as purple envelopes your body. Scrambling with a quick step, hop, and a jump, you realise a new Monster has entered the fray. This is something new, its shimmering white body emanates elegance and awe, but the piercing eyes scream fear. Sapped of energy, you ready for the Monster’s first move. Swinging from the left, you cut across and vault off its body. Moments later, you’re Gunlance is primed to turn and strike the ground. Catching this fearsome fox off guard, the flames of a true Wyvern are let loose against this glistening Leviathan. But this burning blaze is cut short, blue rips through the red. Square one, or so you thought, the deed is done. Bulldrome down, the fearsome foe in white is gone. At least the bubbles cleaned that dirt ridden armour, I guess.

2017 12 16 4

Look at this pretty boi!


You don’t know what it means to fight a true predator unless you stalk the night. That bow won’t do much unless you’re quick on the draw, Adept to counter before the strike. This is what it means to hunt in twilight. Arrow nocked, primed in position you muster all that you can to knock the Flying Wyvern out, but as brief as the explosion is from the Large Barrel Bombs, so to is your saving grace. The tracing red eyes claw their existence into the air, hanging briefly before vanishing from sight as they strike. Those bristling claws will make paperweights of your armour, the odd dodge and primed arrow volley does little. Those blasts are nothing more than irritants to this predator. Prancing its midnight dance, your quarry takes lead, taking extra steps to take you out, your stamina begins its descent. Ill-prepared for this extended engagement, you’re quickly running out of juice. Your hopes dashed, as the dawn nears. But that light isn’t the sun you hoped for. A quick thrash and pounce sends your trailing unconscious and carted. The barbed tail hammered the detached sharp needles, reminding you of your ignorance.


Round two? I’m ready, I’ve slain the King of Eaters, the Deviljho is gone. It’s skin is mine. This armour, my prize. These frozen blades are of a fallen Elder Dragon of ice, Kushala Gone-ra. But if there’s one thing these scars tell, it’s to always fear the lightning and not laugh at the thunder that beckons it. I’ve fell my fair share of these Fanged Wyverns, this species, that specimen was something else. It’s spark brighter and stronger than any I’ve faced before, its strength easily rivaling an Elder Dragon in might. No time was wasted, by blades drawn I dance the demon’s dance. But this one, he didn’t fear my presence. It wasn’t looking to kill, it was playing. My tsunami of strikes and counters left it reeling as a ploy, return each of my quips with mountain breaking ferocity. This wrath was of the heavens itself, the blue sparks it wore as armour would knock many hunters into confusion. My traps were busted, my blades dulled faster than I could sharpen them. Each ice covered hair melted leaving no traces of damage. But if there’s anything I still fear, it’s the thunderous roar it uses to summon lightning itself. It’s flash of light, freezing tempestuous heavenly smite, and the foul frothing taste of defeat.

2017 12 16 7

Don't think you could get away from me that easily Hunter.

And those are the five Monsters that have made an impact, some more painful than others. It’s safe to say, these are possible some of the coolest and most fearsome bunch of the lot. Of course who couldn’t forget Lagiacrus, but without the dedicated water combat, he becomes a bit of cake walk. Regardless, got any harrowing stories or demented nightmare? Share them in the comments below. Monster Hunter World is set to be released on the 26th January 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, PC date to be confirmed.

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