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6 More Games That Make You Hungry When You Play Them

6 More Games That Make You Hungry When You Play Them

Even when playing videogames, we cannot escape our need for or love of food. In many games, the consumption of food heals us, gives us strength, grants us helpful buffs, or — in the case of Mario — has the rather alarming impact of making our entire body a different size or shape. Some games present food in a simple manner, or without texture; others, however, go all-out and present players with delectable masterpieces that make you want to reach into the screen Willy Wonka style and take it.

I'm back in this piece to discuss six more games that will make you want to do just that, inspiring your stomach to rumble with their presentations of food. This is once again your advance warning: you may wish to prepare some snacks, as to stave off the hunger pangs that may inevitably ensue.

1. Harvest Moon

Although the direction of the Harvest Moon franchise has changed in recent years, its focus on farming and food produce has not. As part of the core gameplay, you’ll be cultivating crops, rearing livestock and cooking up some delicious dishes — both to sell for more money, and to impress your neighbours and potential significant others.

Harvest Moon

Extended play sessions of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody as a child left me with vivid memories of cooking vegetables, sashimi, cakes and more. How I ever managed to woo the reclusive Jamie with my terrible culinary skills is still beyond me to this day, but clearly, the food spoke for itself. It still does, if you can look past the more pixelated textures and see the beauty within.

2. Monster Hunter: World

Monster hunting is hard work, and it’s best to be prepared. Before leaving Astera to start your next hunt, why not visit the Canteen to stock up on tasty treats and meals for the road? Not only can you purchase meals directly, but you can also order an Oven Roast from the handler using your own ingredients if you’d like. There’s even a takeaway service if you’re in a rush, so no need to sit around.

Monster Hunter World

The food in Monster Hunter: World isn’t just pretty to look at, however. As in several of the other games on this list, you’ll also find that some useful bonuses may be bestowed upon you too, such as recovered health, improved stamina, increased attack or defence, or neutralising negative status effects. What’s not to love about hearty meals that make your real life mouth water, when they also help your adventures? Very little, I’d say.

3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Much of the food in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla resides in opaque containers, and is not seen even when looting it to make rations. Additionally, there are very few meals laid out on tables across the expansive game world. So, how could the game make you hungry, you may be wondering? Well, the answer lies in its cutscenes, feasting mechanics and scenery.

assassins creed valhalla yule feast scene

It is well-known and documented that Norse warriors enjoyed feasting as much as raiding and competing with each other, so it is no surprise that such activities can be easily performed once the Ravensthorpe settlement is established. You can hold a feast by ringing the bell outside the longhouse, and after selecting the desired buff to provide to your viking, will see a cutscene unfold showing off the glorious feast laid out for all to enjoy. There’s meat and meat aplenty, with berries and other natural treats peppered across the landscape throughout your journey as well. With feasts like these on show, it would be more surprising if you didn’t feel hungry after participating in one as Eivor.

4. Stardew Valley

As an aspiring completionist, I wanted to go after all of Stardew Valley’s trophies, including the one titled “Gourmet Chef”. This meant that I had to step up to the plate of cooking all 80 available recipes in the game, which would be no easy feat given the amount of time, patience, and ingredients required.

Stardew Valley

Still, I rose to the challenge, and several seasons later, after watching far too many reruns of The Queen of Sauce, I managed to put together the last meal and had the satisfaction of the long-awaited trophy popping on my screen. It was the hard-earned reward I needed after enduring the sights of so many appealing meals, such as spaghetti, pizza, hashbrowns and the survival burger. You wouldn’t think the pixelated look could make food look desirable, but somehow, Stardew Valley manages it.

5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Animal Crossing franchise has always sported juicy-looking fruits for us to grow and harvest in our home towns, but in New Horizons, we’ve quite literally reached new horizons with the introduction of farming crops, food recipes, and cooking in the 2.0.0 update. You can now learn how to make a multitude of tasty meals and snacks, as well as earn Nook Miles for doing so through the “Writing a Cookbook?” card.


These additions to the already addictive gameplay loop mean that you’ll be spending more time than ever on your island, putting together meals for yourself and your neighbours to enjoy. The appearances of these foods are unbelievably cute in the Animal Crossing aesthetic, but not so cute that you couldn’t bear to eat them should they fall into your lap, I’m sure.

6. Bugsnax

Last but certainly not least comes Bugsnax, which is incidentally the most recent game I’ve been enjoying on my PlayStation 5. This weird-but-wonderful title involves hunting across Snaktooth Island for food-inspired creatures called Bugsnax, which when fed to the various Grumpuses around town, has the peculiar effect of transforming their various body parts to look like the consumed Bugsnax in question.

Bugsnax Screenshots 1

Although I have no desire whatsoever to consume bugs in real life, many of the Bugsnax in this game could persuade me, as some of them just look too enticing for their own good (with the exception of Fryders — they are evil). BBQ Bungers, Dr Sodies, Kwookies and Sprinklepedes look very much like some of my favourite foods, but I’m not sure I could bear to disappoint Gramble by eating them. I’m not Wiggle, after all.


There we have our second list of six games that will make you hungry when you play them. Are there any other games that you can think of that have a similar effect? Or do you disagree with one or more of the listed games? Be sure to let us know, and add your own thoughts on this topic in the article comments and on social media. Maybe we'll create some further sequels in this series!

Disclaimer: GameGrin accepts no responsibility for the hunger you may now be feeling after reading this article.

Georgina Howlett

Georgina Howlett

Staff Writer

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