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8 Games I Want to See Adapted into Movies or Shows

8 Games I Want to See Adapted into Movies or Shows

Although movie adaptations of videogames haven't been great — you can even find some of the most controversial in our article here! — they have really improved throughout the years. You needn't look further than League of Legends' animated show, Arcane, or even one of the movies we watched for the Anime Pals Lounge, which was a movie adaptation of Animal Crossing! So, to celebrate Popcorn Day, I've decided to daydream about what games would make cool movies, especially with the recent quality upgrade we've seen. In no particular order (I couldn't choose a favourite!), we begin with...

#8 — Skyrim

skyrim listicle

Although at first glance this might not seem like a particularly interesting idea, I envisioned it as Game of Thrones meets... well, Skyrim, I guess! Imagine how awesome it would be to follow the story of the Dragonborn, watching them go through all sorts of perilous times, learn the shouts, go to iconic locations, and meet beloved characters! If done properly, it could be an epic fantasy! I'd be first in line with an extra large popcorn.

#7 — Left 4 Dead

l4f listicle

Okay, so I may have a bit of an addiction to post-apocalyptic shows, as it seems I can never have enough of them. Unfortunately, I used to be a huge fan of The Walking Dead's show until one day, I revisited it, and I just couldn't stand a lot of the characters... they did Shane wrong. Jokes aside, I think that it would be incredible to watch the survivors we've played for so many years overcome the terrifying infected that have haunted our worst nightmares! Just having the special variant of zombies would make regular shows about them even better, and a perfect example of that is The Last of Us' show!

#6 — Ghostwire: Tokyo

ghostwire listicle

Recently, I found a new love for open-world titles when I picked up one of the games my wife was most excited for me to try out — Ghostwire: Tokyo! This was a no-brainer for me, as I'm a big fan of anything Japanese, and having a movie or show based around the story would be phenomenal. Whilst I haven't finished it yet, the protagonist and deuteragonist have great synergy, the enemies and story are very interesting and creepy, and I love the environments. Translate that all into properly, and you've got yourself a great Japanese horror/suspense show about Akito and KK's journey through terrifying situations. 10/10!


dredge listicle

I guess maybe you can tell, thanks to my last three choices, that I'm on a weird horror binge lately. Yes, I've become obsessed with the thrill, and I cannot fathom something more unsettling than DREDGE as a movie or show! Just imagine the quiet moments of the protagonist sailing carefully and quietly right beside terrifying cosmic horrors under the ocean... it'll be like a new-age Anaconda so that we can strike trauma and fear into the newest generations as it was done to us. Okay, maybe I'm kidding about that last part (though I was scarred by it), but I'm definitely not kidding about a DREDGE adaptation.

#4 — Persona 5 Royal

p5 listicle

I didn't really understand the hype behind the Persona franchise for the longest time; in fact, I barely understood what the games were even based on. Now that I've had the pleasure of experiencing Persona 5 Royal through Xbox Game Pass, I would be more than happy to see it adapted into an anime, show, or movie. I think the premise of the Phantom Thieves is very unique and offers a lot of creative freedom. Plus, it has just enough darkness to attract all sorts of audiences.

#3 — Whateverland

whateverland listicle

Okay, so this one's a bit of a weird one, but hear me out. Whateverland might be very indie, but the story is quite interesting, especially if they tweak it to make it work in a script! In it, you play as a thief who tries to steal from the wrong person and ends up being sent to Whateverland — a place full to the brim of people who tried to cross the witch and got sent there. In order to escape this wacky and weird world, they have to change for the better. Now, look me in the eye and tell me this wouldn't be an awesome adaptation!

#2 — Spiritfarer

spirit listicle

There aren't enough shows that dive into the otherworldy matters anymore. A few decades ago, you had things like Ghost WhispererMediumPushing Daisies, and even The Dead Zone, but it feels like nowadays, we're sorely lacking. Spiritfarer would be a perfect fit for this empty slot, as we could accompany Stella as she grows into the shoes of the ferrymaster. Watching characters reach their conclusion throughout multiple episodes as we become attached to them... well, actually, it might be a bit much for me, as I have thanatophobia, but it sounds awesome!

#1 — Telltale's The Walking Dead

twd listicle

I know we already have a show — quite a long one, might I add! — but it wouldn't hurt to restart it with new protagonists and stories. In fact, it would be ideal if we could just copy and paste Telltale's narrative! Getting to know the cast in a deeper, more personal way would be phenomenal, especially since it's chock-full of great and varied characters, from Lee, Kenny, and Clementine to Larry.

Thankfully, there are a ton of games I would've added to the list that are already getting their adaptation, such as Bethesda's Fallout! I can only hope this means there are more to come and that I just maybe get my wish come true. 

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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