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9 Game Adaptations I'm Excited About

9 Game Adaptations I'm Excited About

While doing research for Popcorn Day articles I could think of, I decided to make a list of game adaptations I can't wait to see, particularly since I loved The Last of Us and Arcane so much. Much to my surprise, there are quite a few that seem to be in the works, and a lot of those were already on my list of games I wanted to see adapted! My disappointment of having to delete them from my article couldn't match the excitement for the future, so I figured I'd share them with you! Starting with...

#9 — BioShock

bioshocck listicle
I haven't gotten around to really playing this franchise because when I did, I was young and inexperienced in gaming. Now that I know an adaptation is planned, I am hoping to make some time to really dive into the games and see why everybody loves them so much! Regardless, I'm still excited, as what I remember about the story was unique and chilling!

#8 — It Takes Two

it takes two listicle
My wife and I may have been a bit harsh about It Takes Two when it won Game of the Year; I'm sorry! We were younger, more outspoken, and much more immature than we are now. As an adult, I think the game is a great example that co-op titles could follow, as it had a ton to do, a lighthearted story, and great humour! As an adaptation, it just brings me back to my childhood, when great family movies dominated the market, such as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Dr. Dolittle were all the rage. It Takes Two has everything that made those so memorable, so I have hopes for it!

#7 — Grounded

grounded listicle
I fell absolutely in love with playing games set in a huge world, and Grounded was one of the best I got to enjoy with my wife! It has humour, an interesting story, and a lot of fun mechanics that make the survival aspect fun but still wholesome. Just like the previous pick, this charming game has all the ingredients necessary to make a phenomenal movie adaptation that'll pull all of our nostalgia strings, as it makes me think of films that inspired me as a kid, such as Home Alone, Spy Kids, and Matilda!

#6 — Death Stranding

death stranding listicle
Although I wasn't the biggest fan of Death Stranding, it had everything to do with the game's constant teasing by making us think we had reached the ending and the egregiously long playtime. That being said, take that with a grain of salt — I played it quite a while now, and I plan to revisit it! My feelings for the gameplay aside, I was able to admit what there was to admire about it, such as the interesting world and story. Again, with a few changes here and there to stop it from being long, tedious, and confusing, Death Stranding would make a good sci-fi thriller! I just hope Norman Reedus is on board!

#5 — Firewatch

firewatchh listicle
Firewatch still stands as one of the best atmospheric walking titles I've played so far. My wife and I genuinely enjoyed Henry and Delilah's chemistry, and the overall story was very gripping. Although I can't tell if the lack of gameplay might make it a bit more dull, I have confidence that with enough polishing, Firewatch could make a phenomenal film adaptation! Heck, I wouldn't even mind if they lean it more towards psychological thriller.

#4 — Days Gone

days gone listicle
In all honesty, I know very little about Days Gone. This is because I've been hoping I get to play it myself someday, so the less information I know, the better. What I do know, however, is that it's set in a post-pandemic America, and I am always willing and excited to watch or play anything and everything that has to do with post-apocalyptic scenarios! Although I know the protagonist isn't the most beloved character of all time, I'm sure his attitude will fit better in a show where the pacing can rightfully make him bitter.

#3 — Fallout

fallout listicle
Ever since I revisited Fallout 4 with my wife, I've really seen the beauty in this title! I'm not the biggest fan of Bethesda and how they go about their business, but that won't stop me from crossing my fingers and toes that this adaptation goes well. I can't stress it enough — I love post-apocalyptic scenarios! This one will especially be important to me, as I've garnered almost 200 hours on the game already, and it'll be a much bigger number when I finally get through the other side of this last playthrough.

#2 —Alan Wake

alan wake listicle2
One of the games that has most recently wowed me was Alan Wake. Thankfully, after I abandoned it as a much younger, impatient, and stupid version of myself, I got to pick it up again as an adult thanks to PlayTracker (read more about it here!) and fell head over heels. There is absolutely no doubt — not even a sliver of it — that this franchise has the potential to make a phenomenal adaptation! Even as a game, especially a pretty old one now, it stands on its own two feet as an experience you just need popcorn for. So, absolutely, this one has me counting down.

#1 — God of War

gow listicle
But none of these adaptations have me counting down the days as much as God of War does! Whilst I was never a big fan of the franchise — in fact, I've only played the last two entries — I have become an enormous fan ever since the 2018 release. The characters are deep and layered, especially Kratos, and the world and narrative are exquisite; I just hope whoever they cast does an excellent job at bringing our favourite god of war to life. One can only hope they do half a good a job as Pedro Pascal did with Joel — it was a performance of a lifetime, and I'm very grateful to him for it.

That's it for my listicle! I hope I got you revved up to go make some popcorn because it's one of the best snacks ever. Thanks for reading!

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