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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Seven

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Seven

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force…

Ensign Munro’s personal log, supplemental. With a Harvester bearing down on Voyager, we had beamed over to a dreadnought to utilise its weapon and save our home…

Cm.s Chang and Csatlos were accompanying me to repair the firing mechanism, but unfortunately we had inadvertently activated some kind of internal defences. According to Lt. Tuvok, the systems that he had access to didn’t show any indication of these drones, so he was unable to provide aid.

Elite Forces 154

We took a lift down a level and were attacked by turrets as soon as the lower doors opened. There were more security bots too on the gantry which we now found ourselves stood on, suspended above a pit of gas. Since there was the slightest acrobatic platforming required, I left the other two up above and went down to the lower level so that I could activate a console and lower part of the gantry. This gave us access to a lift with two bots at the top, then an elevator heading I assume up.

The hallway at the top had several bots inhabiting it, and it went past some kind of generator room, though apart from the bots guarding it there was nothing of interest. At the end of the hall was a room with a hole in the floor, which a drone flew down into. To our surprise, a larger, bipedal security bot rode a lift back up through the hole and attacked! Even with the Photon Burst it was a tough fight…

Elite Forces 161

Chang suggested we ride the lift back down, and since I couldn’t think of anything better, that’s what we did. The cargo area we entered was full of robots, but one of them had dropped some kind of plasma welder that I could wield as a weapon. The secondary fire didn’t seem of any use, however as we were confronted by more machines while making our way through the corridors, it proved very useful against the bipedal bots!

The next cargo area had some turrets and a small crane, which when activated destroyed a bridged support which handily made a ramp for us. We faced more quadrupedal bots, as well as some drones, before reaching an elevator which Tuvok said would lead us to the tram we needed. Sure enough, after crossing an unsecured gantry across what I assumed was part of the massive firing barrel, we hopped on the tram and zoomed off towards our destination.

Elite Forces 165

Upon arrival, we were greeted by what Chang identified as superheated ion gas blocking the hallway. Given the fact that it was melting the floor, I readily agreed with him. I followed the pipe which appeared to be producing the gas, and it took me up a lift and down a passageway where I was attacked by some bots. Unfortunately, the pipe went down and through a force field, so I had to retrace my steps and go through a crawl space in the corner. There were two bug-like creatures, a turret and a couple of bots that I had to get rid of, before I could destroy the unit producing the gas, and we could go through.

We were immediately set upon by a swarm of bots which I figured didn’t bode well. More bots and turrets awaited us as we followed the hallway, and moving into the plasma focusing chamber we dealt with a few more. The beam of plasma was about two metres out of alignment, so we had to leave the room and go around the long way to sort it out. Entering a large room, Chang commented that “the gravitic plating” must not be charged, and I idly wondered why he called it that instead of “gravity plating” as I leapt up the platforms like I was on the moon.

Elite Forces 169

After sending a lift down for the other two, Chang said that the door was locked. Luckily, he was a demolitions expert, so blew a hole for us to get through. Some bots greeted us before we took a lift down to a hallway leading back to the other side of the focusing chamber. More bots had appeared, but once they were disposed of I reset the controls which moved the plasma stream back into position. Tuvok called to tell us to load a charge in the firing chamber, so we hopped on an angled elevator down.

Elite Forces 171

As we left the elevator, Chang cried out “Behind you!” as two of the bipedal bots ran at us from the front — he was saying that unnecessarily far too often during this mission… Cm.s Chell and Murphy called to say that the Harvester was almost at Voyager, and that I needed to hurry, though we were keenly aware of that… We took an elevator down a few levels, but our way forwards was stopped by some heating rods blocking the path. Two bipedal bots charged us from behind, so we destroyed them and went up the slope which they had just used, then went up a lift.

At the top, we were ambushed by bots, then some more when we entered a room that one of my teammates identified as a reactor room. I didn’t notice which one had spoken, as we were attacked by more bots and the noise drowned out most of what they were saying… We rode up a lift to reach a console which allowed me to move the cooling rods out of our way. Unfortunately, the security camera which showed that happening also showed some bots filling the path instead. Worst of all, we didn’t even have to wait until we got back there to come under attack, we only had to go down the lift we had just used!

Elite Forces 175

Once back in the cooling rod area, some turrets activated to attack us, then some more assorted bots before we finally arrived in the ammunition storage chamber. Activating a console sent one of the energy rounds down to the level below, and opened an elevator for us to follow it. Turrets lined the walls as the floating platform we escorted kept moving forwards, stopping every time more turrets activated, proving that there are no good escort missions…

After far too many turrets, and Tuvok hassling me an insufferable number of times (obviously, also security bots), the round was loaded and the lieutenant fired! The Harvester had only just connected to Voyager, ready to tear into it, when the energy round scored a direct hit. However, the craft remained intact?

Elite Forces 179

We were beamed back and a crewman told us that Tuvok needed us — he and his team had been beamed back separately. Then Tuvok called us, so that crewman just wasted his time… We were ordered to restock and went to the equipment room. The Doctor was there treating some injuries, so I had him heal me up, then follow a crewman who was running towards the Harvesters which were gaining entry into the ship.

Danger was closer than I imagined, because the wall exploded and took down the crewman, and some bug-like aliens tried to attack him. I managed to save him, and went through the new hole which led me through a cargo area. Exiting into a corridor, I could see force fields set up to stem the flow of Harvesters, but since they could tear holes through the walls, they weren’t doing a great job. However, these weren’t mindless drones, while most of them attacked, there were some that were trying to access computer systems.

Elite Forces 180

Entering a cargo bay, I stayed near the door where I could snipe away at the Harvesters on the floor below the gantry. However, the gantry collapsed a few centimetres in front of me, and since the doors locked behind me, it was a good thing I had stayed so close to them!

There was a seemingly endless number of the aliens, and nowhere for me to recharge my dwindling weapons energy supplies, so I was very glad to see Cm. Biessman when he entered through doors on the far side, and started firing at the hostiles. Down to my last few shots, I dropped down so that I could make it over to the lift next to Biessman, but as luck would have it that was the end of the Harvester attack.

Elite Forces 183

It was a short walk to save Tuvok and Neelix from some more Harvesters, and I was slightly confused when the former had found time to change out of his Hazard uniform and back into his normal one. They thanked us for our aid, and Neelix mentioned that the crew were feeling a bit fraught due to never going on the offensive. And as Cm. Chakotay called me and Tuvok to the conference room, that gave me the inklings of an idea…

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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Meaghan Kane
Meaghan Kane - 09:58am, 29th April 2024

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Acelister - 10:10am, 29th April 2024 Author

Not sure how this relates, but sure