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A Beginner's Guide to Get Started on Gaming — Part 2: Which Console Should You Get?

A Beginner's Guide to Get Started on Gaming — Part 2: Which Console Should You Get?

If you've already made your decision and want to start gaming on consoles, then it's time to start looking at what the three different competitors in this area have to offer in comparison to each other. Plainly put, you won't be able to play every game available, so you'll need to decide what works best for you and what type of games you want to play. In this part of the beginner's guide, I will be touching on console-exclusive games and the benefits of the various current-gen consoles.

DISCLAIMER: As a PC kind of gal, I think it's definitely worth noting that I'm less knowledgeable when it comes to consoles and their benefits, but I've done a lot of research and experienced most of these first-hand, so I feel comfortable helping out in this area.

Current-gen vs Last-gen

Throughout the article, I will be mentioning both the current-gen and the last-gen; this is regarding when the console came out. Current-gen means that this is the latest console to release (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S), while last-gen means it was released years ago (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). 

I recommend going for current-gen consoles, as last-gen are slowly losing the hardware capability to play older games and are not being supported anymore by companies as much as they were before. However, they are still relevant enough to mention, with new games coming out for them regularly.

Nintendo — The Nintendo Switch (4,473 games available)


When it comes to console gaming, all Nintendo consoles will come to mind. Famously interchangeable with the word "console" by grandmas everywhere, Nintendo's current-gen console is the Nintendo Switch, sporting 4,473 games available to play.

According to Wikipedia, the Nintendo Switch is the most famous current-gen console sales-wise, and it's no surprise why. Its admirable number of games is only made more impressive with the quality exclusive titles that the Nintendo Switch has, with a total of 149 games you can only play if you own the console.

Among these exclusive titles, you'll find more lighthearted themes with less competition and more "fun". If you don't like difficulty and just want to sit back and enjoy a fantasy world unlike your own, Nintendo does a pretty bang-up job at this. Some of the most notable exclusive franchises that Nintendo has are easily accessible, making the Nintendo Switch a great entry console for gamers.

With MarioThe Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon being some of the most famous franchises worldwide, the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic contender for newcomers, especially with the console's unique portable nature, where you can disconnect it from your TV and get a handheld console to take everywhere! With various subscriptions that will unlock old titles for the Nintendo Switch, you will also be getting various retro games.

From the Nintendo 64 to the Game Boy, you can play old titles and enjoy classics from the gaming epoch. Some of these nostalgic titles still hold up to this day and continue to be some of gaming's greatest. Sometimes, the simplest titles are the most fun.

But, there is a catch — the Nintendo Switch may be the cosiest and most accessible console, but there aren't many first-party (A.K.A. built by the creator of the console) action games to enjoy for those that will lean toward action-heavy titles. With creature collectors like Pokémon, life simulators like Animal Crossing, platformers with Super Mario Odyssey, and even open-world adventures like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a bit of a lack with first-party action titles. 

This doesn't mean that there aren't any good action titles to play; with the likes of Hollow Knight and Hades — two of my all-time favourite titles — there are great games to enjoy. But they aren't built exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, and you'd be able to get them on other consoles with more first-party action games if that's what you want.

Sony — PlayStation 5 (552 games available) & PlayStation 4 (3,287 games available)


Sony has grown more and more relevant in the gaming industry, especially over the recent years. Metacritic, a site that has reviews from websites like us for every game released, saw Sony Interactive Entertainment take #1 with the best games released in 2022. This, in no small part, is because a lot of previously-exclusive titles have made their way to PC, allowing millions to play games they originally wanted to but previously couldn't.

That said, the PlayStation 5 continues Sony's trend of having console-exclusive titles being its most attractive feature. Put simply, Sony Interactive Entertainment has some of the best modern games releases, with fantastic titles that make everyone want to buy a console just for their exclusives... I know I did.

That said, PlayStation has lost a fair bit of its competitive edge against some of the other consoles due to its games' availability. With only five exclusive titles after two years of release, a laughable number against Nintendo's 149, you'll mostly want to own a PlayStation for the console-exclusive sequels to some of gaming's greatest franchises, such as the return of Kratos in God of War, Aloy's unique post-apocalyptic adventure in Horizon Zero Dawn, and even Marvel's best videogame, Marvel's Spider-Man.

A peek at some of the best games on PlayStation 5 will show the best games released; these are large-scale titles with in-depth narratives and more serious themes in contrast to the best Nintendo titles. These aren't bad games — not at all — but you will also find that most of these games are available elsewhere as well.

Meanwhile, the last-gen console for Sony, the PlayStation 4, is quickly losing its relevancy when it comes to first-party titles; getting a PlayStation 4 now will gate new games that are coming. Spider-Man 2, one of 2023's most anticipated titles, will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive and paints a grim picture of the future of the PlayStation 4 — not surprising for a 10-year-old console. I'd highly recommend sticking to current-gen to future-proof your gaming setup, even if it means coughing up a bit of extra money for that safety.

Microsoft — Xbox Series X|S (389 games available) and Xbox One (2,994 games available)


There are (technically) three Xbox consoles you can get at the moment — the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, in order from weakest to strongest. Currently, the Xbox Series X|S are both what you'd consider the last-gen.

The Xbox Series X|S exclusives are... laughable, at best. Technically, the Xbox Series X|S has a lot of exclusives that aren't available on other consoles, but these aren't hard exclusives, as these games also release on PC. What is most attractive about the Xbox Series X|S over other consoles, however, is its ability to take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox Game Pass is only available for both the Xbox consoles and PC. Starting at $9.99, you can get hundreds (yes, really) of games to play throughout the month, with some of the newly-released titles — such as the highly-anticipated Redfall — coming on day one at no additional cost. That means you can play a $60 game for just $9.99 if you can finish it in one month. This constantly-rotating selection of games gives you modern titles and plenty of things to try out, letting you get a feel for various genres and learn your favourite.

The differences between the Xbox Series X and S aren’t as complex as you might expect. Putting it simply, the Xbox Series X has far more hardware capability, meaning that it does get some exclusive titles from time to time and has better graphics and performance overall. That said, the Xbox Series S is no chump, either; unless you want to play at 4k or 8k, you can get away with getting an Xbox Series S and not think twice about it. If you have the extra money and don’t mind spending it, I do recommend going for the Xbox Series X just for the boost in performance, but going for an Xbox Series S isn’t a terrible idea.

As for the Xbox One... well, I don't think I can rightly recommend it. Unless you can find it at a high enough discount, the Xbox One feels like the worst decision of all of the five consoles you can currently get, suffering from similar problems to the PlayStation 4.

Which one should you get?

 Nintendo Switch Image

Although I love the PlayStation 5, I find it to be the least accessible console for newcomers. Sony Interactive Entertainment has some phenomenal titles, and I'd recommend the console for that alone, but I wouldn't say it's the best to enjoy. I'm personally inclined to vouch for either the Xbox Series X|S or the Nintendo Switch.

The wide array of Xbox Series X|S titles due to the Xbox Game Pass is a big selling point, allowing you to try various titles and learn your favourite genres. If you're willing to pay the subscription fee, having 300 games at the tip of your fingers is never a bad idea, especially with high-quality (and price) titles constantly coming out day one.

Meanwhile, the uniqueness of the Nintendo Switch cannot be rivalled. With 149 exclusive titles, some of the best franchises gaming has seen, and more games coming out often for great franchises, the Nintendo Switch is a great option for just about anyone. From relaxing games, creature collectors, open-world adventures, and even turn-based strategy games featuring Mario and the Rabbids, Nintendo's exclusives still make it one of the best consoles to enjoy.

That is definitely Luigi and Peach. Yup. No switcheroos here!

If I was forced to choose one, I’d have to say the Xbox Series X|S is the best console to start your journey with. The measly subscription fee for the Xbox Game Pass allows you to enjoy 300 games — a library size that could easily cost you thousands of dollars to attain — for just $9.99. Trying new games out, experiencing different genres, and getting a feel for gaming gives you a great opportunity to start your own collection with as much success as possible.

Now you should be a console expert! If I’ve left any questions unanswered, then please feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to answer it!

A Beginner's Guide to Get Started on Gaming
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