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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Island Rescue Day 3

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Island Rescue Day 3

The ongoing saga of bringing the Animal Crossing: New Horizon island that my kids created and quickly deforested back to life to get at least a three-star rating.



It was already Monday 22rd November 2021, it’s been three days and the island of Kitty2021 was starting to look better. After I finished my rounds watering all the saplings I had planted recently, I decided to figure out how to get rid of all the tree stumps that were scattered around the island. I didn’t want to cheat and just look it up online, so I had to do some experimenting. First off I tried to use an axe, but this method didn’t work as I had hoped so I had to try another tool in my inventory. I thought that maybe my villager was extremely strong, so I figured it was worth trying to pry the stump right out of the ground. I was shocked to see that the shovel actually worked! If only it was that easy to remove a stump in real life!

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Now I could really make improvements to the island, so I started taking out every stump in sight. The island looked so much neater, and with all this recovered space I could plant so many more trees. While on my stump removal quest I came across two fruit trees that actually had fruit on them. I didn’t realise that the trees that look like red maples actually produced fruit, so I was surprised. One was a cherry tree, and the other a peach.  

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I talked with Timmy and Tommy to find out the current sale price of turnips; they were  currently at 92 bells, so I decided to hold on to the turnips a bit longer. At some point this week the amount will hopefully go up. Outside the store, Leif had his cart set up and was selling seeds and other plants that you can’t get at Nook’s. So I bought some sweet potatoes, holly plants, and a pink azalea for more decoration around the island. I figured selling crops of potatoes could be a good source of income. 


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I checked in with Isabelle to see if any progress had been made increasing the island rating. Kitty2021 is still sitting at two stars, looks like this island is going to take a lot more work than I initially thought. For improvements, Isabelle suggested more flowers again. So I guess I have a lot more gardening to do in my future. I wonder what will happen if the winter season starts before I get all these flowers planted? 


Oh and one of my boys keeps giving money to the Lloid gyroid for that expensive bridge. There’s a lot more pressing issues to be dealt with on this island than a fancy-looking crossing!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Island Rescue
Alana Dunitz

Alana Dunitz

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