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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Island Rescue Day 7

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Island Rescue Day 7

The ongoing saga of bringing the Animal Crossing: New Horizon island that my kids created and quickly deforested back to life to get at least a three-star rating.

Day 7
It was the 28th of November and it’s officially winter on Kitty2021, with the falling snow giving the island a white blanket. I was wondering if we were getting any closer to getting those three stars, as it felt like we were doing a lot of work to get the island looking good and making the residents happy. It was Turnip Day so I went to visit Daisy Mae and invest in some turnips. Gotta get some money to invest back in the island, have to make sure it keeps looking appealing!

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Before I started all my usual chores, I ran to chat with Isabelle, maybe just maybe we had done enough to bump the rating up. Isabelle said that the island looks appealing and it’s rated at three stars!!! I was so excited! It took a ton of work but we finally did it. This means that K.K. Slider will finally visit the island on Saturday nights and put on a concert for the residents.

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Since Tom Nook still had the Nook Friday sale on, everything was 30% off so to celebrate, I decided to reward myself and bought a really cool-looking gumball machine. Things have finally started to happen for the island, I couldn’t wait to see everything new that would come.

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Now I had just hoped that the boys have learned their lesson and will take better care and manage their resources better! I wonder if they realise that just because the island is at three stars at that moment doesn’t mean it can’t drop down again if they aren’t careful. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Island Rescue
Alana Dunitz

Alana Dunitz

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