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Biggest Winners in Online Games AD

Biggest Winners in Online Games

The online casino experience could be real fun and rewarding when you play on platforms like the Vulkan Vegas Casino. Some players have won life-changing sums of money in games like poker, slots, and blackjack over the years. So how much do you think these big winners got for their efforts? $500,000, $800,000, or $1 million?

The figures you will see in this post will startle you. Fortunately, you could be the next big winner. Who knows?

Top 5 Biggest Winners in Online Casino History

Below, we will be listing out the top five biggest winners in online casino history. Check them out!

5. $13.47 Million

In September 2011, a Norwegian man who was having trouble sleeping decided to try his luck on Betsson.com, an online casino platform. Poor man, you would say. However, he’d probably been delighted he couldn’t sleep that night because his efforts were rewarded with a whooping sum of $13.47 million!

According to the man (who decided to remain anonymous), he couldn’t sleep until 6:00 am. This was out of disbelief that he had won such a massive amount of money. Huw Thomas, who was the head of Betsson.com, admitted that he too was in total shock, while happy at the same time. At the time, the winner put his company in the Guinness book of records as the highest jackpot ever in online casinos’ history.

4. $16.7 million

On the 20th of August 2020, Microgaming revealed that another anonymous player had struck gold with another mind-blowing win. $16.7 million, to be exact! This was the highest slot win ever.

Little is known about who the winner was. Many big winners prefer to stay below the radar out of fear of prying eyes. Nonetheless, you can imagine he or she would be joyful beyond words! Before the big win, Microgaming's jackpot network lifetime payouts had surpassed $1.2 billion. According to John Coleman (C.E.O of Microgaming), they had paid out more than $115 million in 2020 alone! With such an impressive record of overall payouts, you would agree that Microgaming is a platform where players should consider trying their luck.

3. $17.2 Million

It’s no secret that Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is one of the most rewarding on Earth. One of its biggest winners Jonathon Heywood, a UK citizen, can confirm this. He was the lucky winner of a $17.2 million jackpot. He said, “everything felt surreal.” He also said he “couldn’t come to terms” with the win. Can you blame him? Most people wouldn’t too!

He said he would spend a large amount of the money on treating his father, who was ill at the time. How thoughtful. His big win came in October 2015. And guess how much he was playing with? 25 coins per spin! The platform was Betway, and a representative told of how delighted they were of the win. As of today, Betway has paid over $5.6 billion to millions of lucky winners around the globe. Microgaming’s CEO also extended his congratulations to the young chap.

2. €18.9 Million

On the 28th of September 2018, Mega Moolah made history once more. At Grand Mondial Casino, an anonymous player placed a bet on the slot machine, and the reward was a whooping - €18.9 Million! Up until this day, no one knows who the winner is, as he or she has decided to remain anonymous ever since. The record of the win is all that is known to the public.

No one knows the name, age, or even country of residence of the winner. All we know is that, at that time, the win set a Guinness record for the most significant success ever on an online slot machine. Guess that’s good enough.

1. $24 Million

Number one in our list will blow your mind. This is because a 25 cents bet took to win the $24 million jackpot! The online gaming platform that made this possible was PAF, a Scandinavian-based outfit.

The lucky winner was a Finnish man in his mid-40s. In his own words, he said, “I cried and laughed at the same time.” This is a sign of utter disbelief that a stake as low as 25 cents can bring in a reward as high as $24 million! His big win came in January of 2013. Do you think about starting the new year on a high note? Well, dare to risk more.


As far as online casino gambling is concerned, winning is everything. It gets better when you can break the bank with it. Any day could be your lucky day, regardless of the amount of money you stake. As you have seen in this article, a bet of as low as 25 cents can steer your financial situation from bleak to beautiful at the pull of a digital lever.
Hopefully, this list has motivated you to keep trying. Who knows, today may be your lucky day!

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Miguel Gibson

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