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Competition Time - Company of Heroes 2

This week we are giving away copies of Relic Entertainment's classic RTS sequel, Company of Heroes 2. We published our review earlier today and scored the game a whopping 9 out of 10!

Entering one of our giveaways couldn't be easier, just check back each Monday to see whats on offer and get the email address to apply to. There are no questions to answer or requirements to meet.

This week, all you need to do is drop an email to competition@gamegrin.com by 10pm on Saturday 13th July. Your email details are used purely for the competition, so we won't keep them, sell them to advertisers, or spam them with rubbish. You are safe with us.

Winners are chosen by a random number generator. Best of luck to everyone and check back again next Monday to see what's on offer.

Ross D. Brown

Ross D. Brown


Ross has been with GameGrin since February 2012 and acted as Site Editor until late 2014. He is also a proud Northerner.

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