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Dark Souls - Age of Dark (No Spoilers)

Dark Souls - Age of Dark (No Spoilers)

 Welcome to the final spoiler-free look at Dark Souls. This is going to be a rather short read because instead of covering an actual Age within the game, we are going to be discussing something called the Fate of the Undead and what it means for the Chosen Undead. The reason for this is because the “Age of Dark” doesn’t actually make an appearance in the game except in one case. Since our character is Undead and their Age would be called the Age of Dark, the title seemed fitting. To be clear, there won’t be any spoilers about how things play out, although we will be vaguely going over what the Chosen Undead is meant to do regarding the fading of the First Flame. 

“…Thou who art Undead, art chosen…”

Even though there are the Gods and Humans, there are also the Undead. The Undead are marked by the enigmatic Darksign and are cursed with eternal life. Many, many Undead end up going Hollow, basically feral, once they give up or lose their purpose to go on. It is said that those marked by the Darksign have a higher purpose meant to usher in a new Age.

“…In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of Ancient Lords…”

Once the Chosen Undead manages to escape their cell within the Undead Asylum, they’re told to make their way to Lordran, one way or another. The initial given reason comes in the form of an incomplete family saying from a fellow Undead who has gone as far as their strength of mind will let them. Truly, if it weren’t for the help from this beacon of hope, the Chosen Undead would still be rotting in their cell.

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“There are actually two Bells of Awakening.”

Upon reaching Lordran, part of the Fate of the Undead is quickly corrected for the Chosen Undead.

“One's up above, in the Undead Church.”

Both bells are guarded by mighty keepers. This one is specifically being protected but it is unclear who would want to keep the bell from being rung.

“The other is far, far below, in the ruins at the base of Blighttown.”

Even getting to this bell will be a trek, but the being standing between the Chosen Undead and the bell doesn’t seem particularly interested in the prophecy as much as their own goals.

“Ring them both, and something happens… Brilliant, right?”

Without even knowing what the bells do, besides supposedly awaken… something, the Chosen Undead forges on towards their destiny.

“Chosen Undead, who has rung the Bell of Awakening. I wish to elucidate your fate.”

With both bells visited, the Chosen Undead is greeted by a new face within Firelink Shrine who claims to know more about their fate.

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“Your fate is… to succeed the Great Lord Gwyn.”

Explaining that the First Flame is fading yet again and needs to be linked if the Age of Fire is to continue, our knowledgeable “friend” details what to do next.

“Those who seek the Realm of the Lords must brave Sen's Fortress, a deadly house of traps.”

The Chosen Undead must have passed by the entrance to this place while attempting to ring the bells, but it wasn’t open before. Maybe now is a good time to look again.

“Seek Anor Londo. And claim Gwyn's heirloom, the Lordvessel.”

Another mysterious, and fairly hidden, source tells the Chosen Undead what exactly they’re searching for within Anor Londo. 

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“To achieve your fate, fill the vessel with powerful souls...”

After acquiring the (surprisingly) large Lordvessel, the next step is to bring together many great souls.

“Seek Gravelord Nito, the Witch of Izalith, and the traitor Seath the Scaleless.”

Tasked with collecting the souls of some extremely powerful beings, the only thing for the Chosen Undead to do is begin searching for their targets.

“Fill this vessel with their souls. Then, the gate will open…”

Depending on the source the Chosen Undead gets their information, there are two options once the gate has opened. But that is better spoke about in the Spoilers version of this article. What exactly awaits beyond the gate will not be made clear until it is opened. The only thing that can be said for sure is there will be a decision to make and the effects of the choice made will be felt by everyone.

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That’s all I’ve got for today. Only two more articles left in this series, one about the available covenants in the game and one going into far greater detail about the journey the Chosen Undead will take once they awake in the Undead Asylum. For our Dark Souls YouTuber spotlight, we’ve got LobosJr. This streamer uploads his seemingly countless playthroughs to YouTube and is even doing one of a mod for Dark Souls right now. One of my favorite playthroughs was when the whole game was turned upside down (even if tons of the visuals are broken). Next up, we’re talking covenants, where to find them and what they do. There will be spoilers.

Until then, Praise the Sun and Vereor Nox.

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