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Dragon Age Couples You Might Have Missed

Dragon Age Couples You Might Have Missed

We all know that a major part of most BioWare games and specifically the Dragon Age franchise in this case, are the romances. Nurturing a blossoming relationship with your beau of choice is rewarding and even a brief dalliance with another character can open up a world of plot you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. But what happens to the folk you DON’T romance? Well, like in any group of friends, they have their own couplings, flings and rivalries. Sometimes these are acted out in plain sight for the player, or they (more often) are discussed or alluded to by companions when you’re out and about. So here’s a list of the Dragon Age couples you may have not been aware of that I’ve discovered during my playthroughs. Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below, and of course - spoilers ahoy!

Morrigan and Alistair:

This is kind of a cheat one really because it’s part of the main story, so the chances of you missing it are pretty much zero. Alistair can be convinced to sleep with Morrigan for reasons I won’t go into too much detail on, in case you’ve not played Dragon Age: Origins (if you haven’t you should, get it right now!). It can actually have some interesting repercussions in Dragon Age: Inquisition if you do too.

morrigan and alistair


Isabela and Zevran: 

This coupling is definitely one of a more lustful nature, rather than a romantic one. Zevran and Isabela actually meet for the first time before Origins, in Antiva, where he provides her with some respite from her husband, whom she hates. In Origins, Isabela meets Zevran again when she gives the Warden an opportunity to “get to know each other better”. She also furthers this invitation to Zevran, who, if in the party, will happily accept. In Dragon Age II, Isabela and Zevran cross paths again, and the former will demand sex from the latter, if Zevran was not romanced by the Warden in Origins (actually a still unresolved bug means this will happen regardless, but it’s not supposed to). Isabela actually credits Zevran as the reason she decided to become a rogue, so the pair actually have quite a great backstory.

isabela and zevran


Fenris and Isabela:

This one only occurs if you romance neither Fenris, nor Isabela in Dragon Age II and is revealed during party banter between the two. When running around Kirkwall, Isabela will address the emo-est of elves and talk about a night between the two that she can’t get out of her mind. Fenris is *very* encouraging of her sentiment and so the couple of Fenabela is born! I guess opposites attract in this case.

fenris isabela

Dorian and The Iron Bull:

Probably the coolest (and most raucous) couple at any wine and cheese evening, Dorian and The Iron Bull will couple off if neither are romanced by the Inquisitor. The mage from the Tevinter Imperium starts off with a large amount of disdain for the Par Vollen mercenary due to contentious relations between their respective factions. Party banter is excellent between these two characters, and The Iron Bull gradually wins Dorian over with his charismatic and teasing exchanges, interspersed with profound and authentic pearls of wisdom. It’s very worth having the pair in your party as often as possible, if you’re not planning on romancing either, as the resulting love affair is surprisingly sweet, and often hilarious.

dorian iron bull romance


Cole and Maryden:

Yes, this one caught me off guard too. Cole, in a relationship? But actually, this one works. Cole and Maryden meet in the tavern once you reach Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Cole spends his time up in the rafters of the tavern where Maryden’s beautiful singing and lute accompaniment float up to him from the ground floor. If the Inquisitor decides to help Cole become more “human” in his personal quest, later in the DLC Trespasser, it is revealed that the two are now a couple. In the final epilogue we’re told that the pair travel around Thedas working to ease the pain of those they come across. Awww.

maryden cole


Krem and Maryden:

If the Inquisitor decides to side with Solas in encouraging Cole to become more “spirit-like”, he will act as a matchmaker for Maryden and Krem in the Trespasser DLC, rather than romancing her himself. There’s even a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to a bug in the base game where Krem can be seen standing on his chair when you enter the tavern. Krem tells Maryden he would stand up in his seat to get a good look at her... songs. 

krem maryden

Zither and Maryden:

If, for some ludicrous reason, you decide to sacrifice the Chargers in Inquisition, by the time Trespasser rolls around, Krem is long gone and spirit Cole will “encourage” Maryden to hook up with Zither, a virtuoso who performs at the Winter Palace in the Trespasser DLC. Cole himself describes it as “a mistake” but one she’ll enjoy, so not really a romance for the (dragon) ages.

maryden zither

Sera and Dagna:

If the Inquisitor has high enough approval with an unromanced Sera, then you can come across a passage about Dagna in her journal, where Sera affectionately refers to her as “Widdle”. In the Trespasser DLC it appears they are officially together, as can be discovered through further journal entries and the ending epilogue which has the cutest couple picture of literally all bloody time.

sera and dagna


Josephine and Blackwall:

Josie and Blackwall have a bit of an unrequited deal going on, or as Josephine eloquently refers to it: “la splendeur des coeurs perdus”, a passion that is known but cannot be consummated. There is party banter that refers to the forbidden romance, and you can talk directly with Blackwall and Josie about it, but ultimately it leads nowhere. Blackwall will acknowledge in the Trespasser DLC that it was a “momentary infatuation”.

josephine and blackwall

Which pairing is your favourite?
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