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E3 2016 - Bethesda Overview

E3 2016 - Bethesda Overview

This is it guys, it’s time for the Bethesda Conference at E3 2016. We start off with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb talking to us pre-show about the latest Fallout 4 DLC and take a look at some of the mods and settlements that the community has created over the past few months. We’re also shown a glimpse of the new Elder Scrolls Legends game which is Bethesda’s answer to Hearthstone, in a ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ style strategy card, arena videogame.

Keeping us all fresh as we start to tune out because all we want is the actual conference to start, many of us are distracted by some genius constantly changing his t-shirt between takes. He looks exceptionally proud of himself, and as well he should be. As we change angles to the stage, the world cries out in disappointment, no more Mr. T-shirt man.

quake champions

It’s okay though, because he is quickly forgotten as we finally countdown into the Bethesda conference and into the first game presentation which is...Quake Champions. We’re treated to an action-packed trailer full of angry, buff figures jumping around and shooting guns and many lightning bolts. Tim Willits, Studio Director walks back on stage accompanied by some pretty epic metal music to announce to the room, and internet world “Yes, Quake is back.”

He gives us some more details about the upcoming game: it’s created for e-sports for people of all capabilities wanting to take part in some serious multiplayer action fun times and is full of unique badass characters with unique abilities. Aside from the trailer and this small spiel of information we aren’t given anything else, other than the promise of more at this year’s Quakecon.

The next game up is covered by Global Vice President, Pete Hines after he talks briefly (read: way longer than he had to) about some of the recent achievements of the games of Bethesda. Time for Elder Scrolls Legends.

es legends

This is a deep, strategy experience apparently, complete with a campaign and rich story told from the perspective of Moth Priest called Kellan. We’re shown a comic-style trailer not dissimilar to the loading screens of The Witcher 3 to introduce us to the story behind the game. “The Elder Scrolls show us what was and what yet will be.” The characters in the video have a bit of an argue and with the burning of a map of Tamriel, that’s it, the trailer is over. Mr Hines let’s us know that they are letting lots more people into the beta which you can sign up to here.

We’re then sent on a whirlwind adventure into the apocalyptic wasteland for a look at the next DLC for Fallout 4 coming in July and August 2016. Firstly, we’ll be able to...wait for it...BUILD VAULTS. I know, calm yourselves, we’re excited too. You’ll also be able to experiment on dwellers you sadistic fucks among other exciting workshop-related things. The following DLC being released is Nuka World, with a teasing clip and the tagline “Book your Wasteland vacation”, August 2016.

fallout 4 dlc

In more Fallout news, but this time in a less 3D format, we look at some of the updates coming to Fallout Shelter with new locations, new enemies, a new combat system, tons of new quests and new characters. Not only that, the up-until-now mobile exclusive app is coming to the PC in July 2016 so you can manage your vault on a reasonably-sized screen. Hooray for no more squinting.

Now it’s time for something really exciting though, as the rumours of a The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remaster are confirmed! The best-selling, universally-loved RPG is not only receiving a complete graphical overhaul, but is coming to current-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) with mods and all. FINALLY everyone can experience the sheer joy of Thomas the Tank roaming freely around the mountains of Skyrim. It has also since been confirmed that anyone who owns Skyrim on Steam with all the DLC (or the Legendary Edition) will automatically receive a free upgrade to the remaster. Good stuff all around. The release date is 28th October, so a good couple of months yet, but enough time to really build up an appetite for it.

skyrim remaster

Raphael Colantonio Co-Creative Director at Arkane takes to the stage to not talk about Dishonored 2...no, he’s talking about a new game, a world exclusive - Prey. The year is 2032 and our character seems to be stuck in some sort of groundhog day, experiment, reminiscent of The Island. Only, one day the station is overrun by aliens and you have to survive using your wits, weapons and mind-bending abilities. There will be more information on Prey at this year’s Quakecon, which at this point is looking like the place to be!

prey screen

Now that’s done, we move swiftly on to DOOM which has been extremely successful since its release a month ago. There’s a lot of talk about much of the free content available, that will continue to be available and created by the fans of the game. There’s new modes coming for mulitplayer, including classic deathmatch which will also be free for everyone who has the game. On top of that, the first premium DLC is also announced to be “Unto the Evil” which apparently is very awesome news. For those of you who have yet to try the game, now is your chance as DOOM is being made free-to-play all week (sort of). The first level of the game will be available for anyone to try over the next seven days, so why not try your hand and see if it’s for you.

doom dlc

We tag team out to ZeniMax and Matt Firor for some information regarding The Elder Scrolls Online which looks to be doing a lot better than it did on its initial release. Dark Brotherhood has already been released on PC format but now it’s also making its way to the console versions of the game, so if you want to get your stabby stab on, now’s your chance.

It get’s even more exciting though with some pretty revolutionary news with regards to MMOs in general. TESO is the first of its genre to roll out auto levelling across the map after the initial quest chain is finished. Let’s explain this a bit more for you. Once your character has completed the first quest line, the whole of Tamriel will be available to you in a new feature called One Tamriel. What happens is that your character is automatically levelled to suit the area that they are exploring, allowing you to team up with others in areas you would have previously taken ages to have been suitable for. This means all content barriers are gone and all level restrictions are lifted. It’s a very cool new feature and we’re interested to see it implemented in the game, and to see how it will affect levelling as a whole.

TESO One Tamriel

Then, all of a sudden we’re hit with some news that we weren’t expecting. BAM! Bethesda VR. Oh Pete Hines, you sly dog you, you certainly know how to throw us a curveball. That’s right, Bethesda are bringing their games to VR! Not only will gamers soon be able to experience DOOM via the VR medium, but also, in 2017 Fallout 4 will be released on the HTC Vive platform. Time to explore the Wasteland in a way you’ve never done before.

But now folks, it’s time for the big one, the game we’re all really waiting for and have been waiting for since its announcement last year at E3: Dishonored 2. We’re get to see to a lot of in-game footage here and it certainly looks rather spectacular. There looks to be a crazy-level of detail here and there has even been a custom game engine (the Void engine) created to get things like lighting and atmospheric audio just so for the ultimate immersive experience. They have worked hard to offer us a coherent, complete world where everything has been thought about, down to where individual workers take their breaks and creating a viable path for them to travel there, from the streets with water marks on the walls from past floods and peeling posters from a time forgotten - everything telling a story, allowing the player to dscover something novel or unique.

dishonored 2 screen

The game starts and ends in the oh-so-familiar Dunwall but the majority takes place in Karnaca, fifteen years after the events of the original game. It is confirmed that you can choose to play as either Emily or Corvo as you have fled and have to fight to gain back what is yours. It is still unclear at this moment whether it will be a split narrative where you can switch between the two fluidly, or whether you will be locked in to one after a choice moment. There is a lot more footage of some of the powers in action, as well as a really creative questline, involving some time-travelling goodness that sci-fi fans will await with joy.

dishonored 2 collectors edition2

It’s also confirmed that there will be a Collector’s Edition which includes a bust of Corvo’s mask and a replica of Emily’s ring, which will be available alongside the standard release on 11th November, 2016.

And with that. It’s over. Until next year, Bethesda!

E3 2016
Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

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Acelister - 03:45pm, 13th June 2016

Some great games and updates to look forward to. Though if you'd been able to build Vaults out of the box in Fallout 4, I've no doubt it would have gotten 9.5 or 10/10.

Emseypenguin - 03:46pm, 13th June 2016 Author

Agreed. Everyone ones dem vaults. Who wants freedom when you can trap and experiment on a bunch of people??

pucechan - 04:05pm, 13th June 2016

Definitely curious how they tie that stuff into the plot/lore. Nuka World will be interesting! :)