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EA at E3 Predictions and Expectations

EA at E3 Predictions and Expectations

E3 is looming and leaks are coming almost daily. Per this time of year, it’s time for us to start to lay out our predictions for the biggest electronics conference of the year. Electronic Arts decided to not participate in 2016 in favor for their own fan expo, but this year, they’re taking the first slot this Sunday, 10th of June. Afterward, they will go on with the second year for their fan expo, EA Play, which will be held alongside E3 in Hollywood. Here are the predictions we have for their conference. Expect talk on Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1, Need for Speed, and sports games galore.

Let’s go backwards to the list above, starting with the sports games. Firstly, there’s been talk of a link between the Nintendo Switch and the FIFA game franchise. Seeing how popular that game series is, I’m sure that would be a well received team up for both Nintendo and EA if this indeed a thing. In fact, according to EA’s website, this is a very real thing. Even further, EA has already announced that FIFA 18 will be coming to the Xbox One and PS4, and possibly also for the Switch. Seeing as the partnership between EA and Nintendo is real, FIFA 18 reaching the Switch is only logical at this point.


As for other sports games, if you’ve ever seen an EA E3 conference, you know what to expect. Something on the next NBA Live, NHL maybe, definitely Madden 2018. Those are some of their biggest games, as EA is known for sports titles. In these sports titles, they’ll be returning to driving games as well as there was a leak earlier last week regarding Need for Speed and as of Friday, the 2nd, an official trailer was released. This franchise is not dead, and EA is more than happy to make sure everyone is aware of that. Driving games are still alive and EA is going to make sure that this one is no Mario Kart.

Need for Speed has always been one of the grittier driving games in more of an arcade style. Think Fast and Furious in game form. Hopefully the game will look good and not be rushed, as that will be the saving grace to this type of game. Driving games aren’t flooding the market, so upping the hype of this game is something EA will want to do in order to make sure gamers are aware they’re still a thing.

battlefield.img 1

Remember Battlefield 1? EA Does! It’s still a great game, but its shelf life is dwindling. How does a game company extend shelf life? DLC. Therefore we’re expecting some expansion for Battlefield 1 in some way, most likely in new maps and new battles. There will probably be gameplay examples and maybe even new modes. One can hope!

Here’s the big one, and the reason I went backwards on my list. Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Redemption. This time around, we’re getting story mode! Single player will hopefully be front and center at this year’s EA E3 conference, showing us exactly what to expect from the game. Also expect a tie-in to Episode VIII to be announced, if not at E3, then somewhere down the road. Considering this is the biggest title that EA has to offer at this years conference, or it’s the title most people will care about, I expect we’ll have the most announcements and gameplay from Battlefront 2 than from any other game.


And there we have it. Sports games, Need for Speed, Battlefield 1 DLC, and Battlefront 2. All in all, EA has a lot to talk about at E3, and perhaps more that we don’t know about just yet. We’re looking forward to the 10th of June, though, when the biggest gaming conference starts, to see just what EA has in store for us all.



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