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Favourite Xmas DLC: How the Saints Save Christmas

Favourite Xmas DLC: How the Saints Save Christmas

It’s no secret to anyone that I love Saints Row -- I wrote almost 2500 words on that very subject, last year. So this shouldn’t come as a surprise, when I say that my favourite Christmas-themed DLC is the one which released for Saints Row IV, titled How the Saints Save Christmas.

Continuing with the insanity of the main game, Shaundi comes from the future -- now a cyborg -- with a dire warning that the future is doomed if they don’t save Santa Claus. This happens moments after The President (player character) has mentioned that they don’t celebrate Christmas.

saints christmas 3

Much like Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life, but with added ultra-violence, it is easy to see why this should be on every gamer's Christmas playing list. It instantly has all of the hallmarks you look for with any generic Christmas movie. Main authority figure doesn’t believe in ol’ Saint Nick, the cast must save Christmas which evil is trying to put a stop to… Up to the ending which sees the non-believer finally embracing the spirit of the holiday, and saving the day. Sure, there’s a lot more guns, explosions and general elf death than your usual family movie, but the basics are there!

I’m going to be saving Christmas with the Saints once again, this holiday season.

saints christmas 2

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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