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Five Years Without a Sale, and Beat Saber is Still a Must-purchase.

Five Years Without a Sale, and Beat Saber is Still a Must-purchase.

It's crazy to think: Beat Saber has been out in the market for exactly five years today, on the 21st of May 2024. Not only has it kept its top spot as one of the best VR games (if not the singular, best one), but it's nearly as old as modern-day VR consoles, with the original Kickstarter for Oculus Rift dating back to 2012 (which would later be bought by Facebook in 2014 and mostly release in 2015).

It's no small title, either, for being such an early adopter of the VR niche back in the time. Its all-time peak of 4,472 came a few years after the game released in 2020, which is an anomaly in a market where a game's relevancy nosedives shortly after the first batch of players finished it. Nowadays, Beat Saber brings in peaks of nearly 1,000 players daily and has consistently since its launch. And this is all without having been in a single sale.


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SteamDB shares a fascinating look at this fantastic entry into anyone's Steam library. In its price history, over its entire lifespan, Beat Saber has consistently cost £24.99, with its lowest recorded price being $19.74 (which I could not find the source of, to be honest). And despite the ever-growing strength of Valve's sales in the platform, Beat Saber has not only never joined in on the trend, but it still sits in the 150 top sellers.

It's no question why, really. It has 95% positive reviews on Steam with well over 60,000 reviewers that are pleased with the title — it bolsters a staggering ~1.37 million owners (according to VG insights) or ~3.93 million owners (according to SteamSpy). Though it has been included alongside the sale of Meta Quest 2 headsets in the past (and how my wife and I were able to try our hand at the game the first time), it's stopped none of these owners from picking it up. Metacritic even has it with 93 Metascore on PC, setting it among the highest-rated titles.

And truth be told, it's worth every bit of money you'd spend on it. Five years into its lifespan, Beat Saber has received numerous updates, 184 DLC (most of which are licensed songs), and it has managed to become synonymous with VR itself — I dare you to find someone who doesn't associate Virtual Reality with Beat Saber nigh instantaneously. Truth be told, it's a title that knows its worth and has managed to wow players with consistent numbers of returning player base and an influx of newcomers, too.

Beat Games has itself a banger of a title with great songs, great DLC, and great gameplay. And they know it. It's never been discounted, it may never be discounted, and despite that, it's a title I'd say everyone should have and experience. I never liked rhythm games, and I couldn't recommend it more.

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Artura Dawn

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