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For The Fans: Arekkz Gaming

For The Fans: Arekkz Gaming

For The Fans is a series where we put the spotlight on creators big and small. Anyone that produces gaming related content such as; Artists, Musicians, YouTuber’s or Twitch Streamers will find a home here.

Fans of Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World and The Division should check out Arekkz Gaming on YouTube. The channel features let’s plays, tutorials, live streams and guides. It is often the first place to find impressions, the latest news, and features from the games mentioned above and more. The channel is run by duo Alex, aka Arekkz, and Matt, aka TwoSixNine. Arekkz Gaming boasts over 750,000 subscribers and posts several videos a week.

Arekkz regularly attends gaming events, the most recent being a trip to Norway for a God of War experience. Alex and Matt are clearly dedicated to their work and the amount of effort that the team puts into each video is outstanding .

You can find the Arekzz Gaming channel over on YouTube.

For The Fans
Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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