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Ghostrunner 2 Edition Differences

Ghostrunner 2 Edition Differences

If you're excited to reprise your role as Jack and fight back against an AI cult forming outside of the Dharma Tower, where the previously tyrannical Keymaster was brutally slain, then you are going to be excited for this! The upcoming Ghostrunner 2 is releasing with three different editions that you can pre-order right now, ensuring that you can give it a shot and experience it for yourself firsthand... and a bit earlier. Read ahead to find out more!

Base Edition

We all have to start somewhere, though a lot of people will be excited to hear that this high-quality title won't have the heartwrenching £60 and £70, but instead for a measly £34.99! That's right, the entry price isn't nearly as steep as modern titles would have you expecting!

With your purchase, you may not receive anything post-release, but if you do pre-order the title, you will get the Traditional Katana Pack, which includes two skins for both your sword and hand, giving you a bit of a different look whilst you bathe in their blood!

Deluxe Edition

Now, if you're willing to pay a little bit extra, you'll be able to get a couple of more cosmetics, which might be important to you if you played Ghostrunner several times or are looking to show off to some of your friends! For £39.99, you can get the Deluxe Edition of Ghostrunner 2 and get a couple of extra goodies.

First off, like the Base Edition, you can get a couple of skins for your sword and hand with the pre-order bonus, but unlike the base edition, you will get four more hand and sword skins (on top of the two for each offered already) alongside a personalised hand hologram that displays your current username. What better way to flex than to show your name in a screenshot?

Brutal Edition

Now, if you are really eager to get started, then the Brutal Edition might be the right one for you. For an extra £20.00 (£59.99), you will be able to get the Brutal Edition, which comes with everything you see in the Deluxe Edition alongside a 48-hour early access.

That's right! As alluded to at the beginning of this article, with the Brutal Edition, you can start your journey on the 24th of October instead, ensuring that you get a headstart at defeating the AI cult and enjoying the game all the more! This isn't the only bonus, however, as not only do you get everything that has already been mentioned, but you also get the Season Pass, which will feature a new Game Mode, and four more Asset Packs, alongside a Brutal Edition-exclusive Animated Skin and Motorcycle skin.

If you're looking forward to trying Ghostrunner 2, then we have good news! You can get the game right now on various storefronts for pre-order, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and even Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG! Head over to your preferred store to find your desired pack!

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