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Ghostwire: Tokyo — How To Get Cosmetics

Ghostwire: Tokyo — How To Get Cosmetics

Since Ghostwire: Tokyo has you playing as Akito, you can't really change how he looks. What you can do, however, is change the way he dresses, which offers a nice way to add a touch of yourself onto a pre-made character. The question is how to do this exactly; how do you acquire the clothes you want? Akito comes with a couple of outfits that you can use, but all of the others are unlocked through progression and some meika. 

The first way to acquire cosmetics in the game is by completing side missions. More often than not, side missions offer outfits — some even multiple at the same time. Since these are fixed, you can see what outfits they are going to give before you do the mission, in case you're not interested in doing sidequests.

Another way of unlocking cosmetics is through finding the tanukis spread throughout the world — a task easier said than done. Each tanuki offers a fixed item as well. That said, tanukis only offer poses that you can use in photo mode (as far as I've noticed). Although fun, for players that don't use photo mode all that often (such as myself), it isn't necessarily a great thing to unlock. That said, for completion's sake and for the fun of looking for them, it's still worth it to go exploring Tokyo to find your furry-tailed friends.

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And finally, rare nekotama merchants offer some cosmetics when you've completed enough requests for them. Finding these items feels almost harder than finding tanukis, and finding specific objects is even harder, so unfortunately, farming items for nekotama requests is impossible.

Now for the confusing part: once you've finished finding a piece of clothing that catches your interest, you'll find that you don't actually own it in your wardrobe. To do that, you'll also need to find the vendor that sells the attire you unlocked. The aforementioned rare nekotama merchants offer these clothes for a large amount of meika; such is the price of beauty!

Since I was extremely confused when I saw I'd "unlocked" an outfit and couldn't equip it, I figured I might be able to help someone with an article explaining what you need to do to be able to unlock the cosmetics. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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Artura Dawn

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