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Have a Nice Death - Top 5 Cloak Attacks

Have a Nice Death - Top 5 Cloak Attacks

When you start playing Have a Nice Death, your default weapon is the Scythe; in its base form it does 10-15 damage, but it is fast and easy to swing. You can chain four swings together for a combo that will do more damage to your enemy, so it is very versatile. The following weapons are ones that Death swings himself and they are known as Cloak attacks; we will cover magic attacks — which come out of the book that follows behind you named Pitbook — in another list. 

Every weapon has a special Fury attack that is activated once the bottom purple diamond is filled by attacking enemies. To use this attack, hold down the left trigger on your controller and hit the button for the weapon you want to use to trigger its unique Fury attack. 

At the beginning of the game there aren’t many weapons available for you to use; to increase your selection you can spend Gold Ingots you earn on each run. At the end of the run, no matter what happens, you will earn gold and be sent back to your office. This is where Joe is, and he can unlock new weapons for you — for a cost, of course… 


Here is a list of four other weapons to use along with the Scythe that aren’t crazy expensive, and don’t require you to complete tasks to unlock. 


Arashi-kunai — the game describes it as the tornado version of a kitchen knife. It deals 5 damage and has a refresh rate of 3.0s. At first it may seem weak, but when you realise it hits six times, 5 damage for each blade isn’t that bad!


Behammorth — this is the first other weapon you will acquire while you play through the game's tutorial. It is a huge hammer that deals 85–100 damage per hit, but because of its massive size, the refresh rate is pretty slow at 5.5s before you can swing again. I use my scythe because it’s fast, then randomly toss in some Behammorth hits to do big damage then switch back. This way, the hammer can get ready to be used again, and I am not wasting time and taking damage while I wait to hit again.


Shake Spear — this super sharp spear deals 25 damage and takes 4.0s to refresh. A bit slow, but it does decent damage and works good in a combo with your scythe.


Revelation Bow — not the strongest weapon, but I love the range of the arrow — I can shoot at enemies across the screen and not have to worry about taking damage! Each arrow deals 40 damage and refreshes in 0.1s so you can continuously shoot!

As you progress in the game, all your weapons — including the Scythe — can be transformed into three other forms in the Control Room if you have prisms, so they will become even stronger than their beginning forms! 

Are there any weapons that you have tried out that should be added to this list? Let us know below in the comments!  

Alana Dunitz

Alana Dunitz

Staff Writer

Lover of all games, old and new!

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