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How Many Skins Can You Get in the League of Legends Battle Pass and Is There a Limit?

How Many Skins Can You Get in the League of Legends Battle Pass and Is There a Limit?

Every so often, Riot Games releases a brand-new Battle Pass for its prestigious MOBA, League of Legends. Although this system has seen some transformations over the years of existence, one thing remains the same — it is one of the best ways to rack up a stupid amount of skins as quickly as possible. With the inclusion of the Orbs, you can attain a random skin alongside a chance to get one of the highly sought-after Grab Bags, which contain more skins for one pull.

The newest system that this Battle Pass has added is the Pass Track, offering you missions and unique rewards to unlock over 50 levels, after which you will no longer get new items. Now, without purchasing the pass right away, you might be confused about whether the amount of Tokens you get is limited after level 55.

Soul FIghter Pass League of Legends Pass Track

After completing missions and gaining experience for what seems like hours on end (literally, in some cases), you'll eventually reach the goal and find that although unique rewards end at level 50 and the Pass Track does not extend past level 55, you can still unlock more Tokens to get more items from the Battle Pass.

Theoretically, this means that you can get a hefty amount of items from the Event Shop after you have completed the pass, received both high amounts of Tokens and done the repeatable quest a few dozen times. Although we could leave the article there, I wanted to take it one step further — how many Tokens can you get per day?

Skins League of Legends Hextech Chests Orbs Battle Pass

The endlessly repeatable mission (aptly called Infinite Mission) gives you 200 LoL Event XP per 200 points acquired by "playing and winning games". A quick click on this highlight will take you to Riot Games' article "Mission Objective Points and Progression", where the points are spoken about with the changes to ARAM, Event Modes, Summoner's Rift (PvP), TFT, and even Summoner's Rift (Co-op vs. AI). The mathematically inept will not be able to make much out of the points per minute you can get, so we decided to facilitate it for you!

Assuming the worst (or most likely?) case scenario of losing every game, it will take you exactly 50 minutes of gameplay in the Summoner's Rift (PvP), ARAM, and Event Game Modes to complete the Infinite Mission once, netting you 200 LoL XP points (of 400 per level). So to get 20 Tokens on losses, it would take you 100 minutes (or one hour and 40 minutes).

League of Legends ARAM Defeat Screen

This means that you would need to play 16 hours and 40 minutes of losses in order to unlock one random skin after all of the unique rewards have run out. 

But in the more optimistic scenario — the impossible one — of winning every game, you would only take about 34 minutes (I say about because it takes more like 33.5, but for the sake of brevity, I will calculate based on 34) to complete the quest once, or about 32% faster than losing all of the time. To get 20 tokens on wins, it'll take you about 68 minutes.

League of Legends Summoners Rift Victory Screen

Mathematically, this means that it takes about 11 hours and 20 minutes to get yourself an Orb. 

In the much more realistic scenario of a 50:50 win rate, you are looking at about 14 hours of playtime before you can get an Orb in Summoner's Rift (PvP), ARAM, and Event Game Modes. 

Interestingly enough, the Teamfight Tactics' calculations are the same at six points per minute so long as you finish fourth place or upwards, but for anything below (sixth to eighth), you'll be getting the least amount of points possible in PvP modes, with just three points per minute of gameplay, or about 67 minutes to complete the quest once. This means that with losses on Teamfight Tactics, it would take you two hours and 14 minutes to get one of the Orbs, making it the least profitable of the PvP modes.

Of course, the article would be incomplete without including the times it would take to get Orbs for the Summoner's Rift (Co-op vs. AI). The points for winning and losing are two and one per minute, respectively, meaning that you'll need three hours and 20 minutes to complete the quest once, or a total of one day, nine hours, and 20 minutes to get one Orb on victories or two days, 18 hours, and 40 minutes to get them on losses.

So, in summary, in Summoner’s Rift (PvP), ARAM, Event Game Modes, and Teamfight Tactics (over fourth place), you’ll get one Orb every 11 hours and 20 minutes of consistent victories and 16 hours and 40 minutes on consistent losses, with an average of 14 hours of playtime in a 50:50 win rate for one skin.

It comes as no surprise that Summoner's Rift (Co-op vs. AI) is the least profitable, whilst the more common game modes (such as ARAM and Summoner's Rift (PvP)) give more points, with a skin per day achievable in most League of Legends binge cases. With five weeks to complete these, you could nab yourself dozens of skins (around 35 off of daily Orbs alone if you play 11+ hours per day)... if you're willing to just play one more round and sell your soul to Riot Games.

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