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How Noob Friendly is League of Legends?

How Noob Friendly is League of Legends?

Oftentimes I find myself looking at games that have live service and wondering how noob-friendly they are. This is in big part due to the constantly updating nature of these games. One such case of a game that has grown exponentially throughout the years is League of Legends; with 12 years worth of updates, I couldn't help but wonder: How noob friendly is it?

League of Legends has been growing for a very long time, with each new season adding new stuff to pay attention to and new ways to play. At the moment, the game has 157 different champions, each with a minimum of four abilities plus one passive, and a total of 175+ items in the game to make builds with.

Apart from that, there are two main game modes available, Summoner's Rift and ARAM.

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Summoner's Rift is the main game mode present in League of Legends; it is the 5v5 three-lane map with a jungle in-between that is common in MOBAs. ARAM is a game mode in which all players are given a random champion to play with. Although this isn't the main game mode, it is kept up-to-date with regular balance updates specific to the map, like damage and damage taken increase/decrease. 

Both of the maps have their own viable champions and builds within them that can regularly change with the bi-monthly updates brought out by the Riot Games team; this can make it quite difficult to keep up with what is and isn't good.

In addition to these, new game modes are implemented temporarily with each Battle Pass release. These are usually from a pre-existing pool of modes such as the URF game mode, All-for-One, and Nexus Blitz, however sometimes a completely new game mode will be implemented, such as the latest addition: Ultimate Spellbook.

However, Riot Games has been trying to make League of Legends more accessible for new players by incorporating things to ease the entrance. At the shop, you are now offered popular items for your champion, along with popular items famous against champions present in the enemy team. Although this isn't always accurate, it does manage to help ease newcomers into the building mechanic.


All this said, League of Legends might be tough for veterans to the MOBA genre, let alone newcomers. With so many champions — and new ones coming out regularly — it'll be tough to catch up to the level of knowledge required to reach higher ranks easily.

Unlocking new characters is generally not difficult, however knowing which ones to unlock is a bit of a harsher task. League of Legends doesn't offer a free trial that lets you play any champion you want, but rather a weekly rotation of free champions to have a test drive with. Although this might be a good way to figure out which champions you like within the rotation, it won't let you check just anyone, and you will be bound by the laws of luck.

Aside from that, the low-level queues are oftentimes riddled with high-level players hellbent on ruining the game for newcomers. Although Riot Games have incorporated a system to place smurfs into their own queue with others, this system is still imperfect. This might make it difficult for new players to be able to easily grasp the mechanics in the game since there is already a highly-skilled player capitalising on their every mistake.

Overall, League of Legends remains one of the most famous MOBA games, and this means that new content is being put out with veteran players in mind. Each champion being more complex than the last might make it difficult for newcomers to be able to grasp and learn how to fight against, and makes these champions nearly impossible to pick up. Along with this, the increasing pool of items and potential builds are meant to offer diversity, but they are a complete headache for any newcomer that is trying to differentiate the Needlessly Large Rod from a Void Staff.

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It is impossible that League of Legends will become easier to pick up as the years go on, so if you're interested, make sure to jump right into the Rift! Just make sure to bring some patience with you, for it won't be an effortless task.

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