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Indie Spotlight: March 2020

Indie Spotlight: March 2020

Here at GameGrin, we love our indie games. With the recent global situation, a lot of smaller companies have found themselves struggling to really push their games to the world. There are no big events to help themselves promote their titles. Everyone is in danger of being lost in the shuffle. During these troubling times, we at GameGrin would like to help make a difference. We have trawled through the indie games published in the last month to bring you some of the gems you may have missed. This is the Indie Spotlight.

(NOTE: These games are in no particular order, this is NOT a ranking list).

Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace is a kingdom management game in which the player must navigate ruling a kingdom - and being a father. The game is set in the fictional kingdom of Davern, heavily inspired by Slavic folklore. You play the role of King Eryk and must appease the townsfolk, lords and your family. With varying personalities leaning on your throne for support, you may suddenly find that doing the right thing may not be best for the safety of Davern.


Mask of Mists

Mask of Mists is a colourful action-adventure game in which the player is tasked with finding a missing person. Surrounded by dangerous and powerful magic, the player must battle their way through The Infected Area to find a missing Archmage. Using the environment to help solve puzzles and create alchemical potions with the wildlife found in the game, the player must navigate an area that has been brutalised by powerful magic.



Afterparty is the new title by Oxenfree developers Night School Studio. Originally released at the back end of last year on PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store, Afterparty finds itself in new territory on the Nintendo Switch. Set in Hell (masked as a college town), you play as two lifelong friends struggling to recall how they ended up in such a dreaded place. Humorous and heartbreaking, the player must help the two best friends outdrink Satan and escape from the clutches of the afterlife.


One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden is a strategic deck building game. Set in a post-war world, the player must navigate to the world's final hope - Eden. With a great blend of strategy and real time action, One Step From Eden has the replayability to keep you coming back time and again. Hundreds of cards to build your deck with, almost a dozen playable characters - One Step From Eden has excellent variety, catering to numerous playstyles. Even after you’ve done everything you can, there’s the added co-op and PVP modes. This one truly is a full package.


Bright Memory

Bright Memory is a breathtaking new take on the FPS genre. Somehow combining elements of DOOM and Shadow Warrior, Bright Memory is an all-out frenzy that is bound to get your blood pumping. Developed by a single person, Zeng Xiancheng, in his spare time, Bright Memory acts as a prelude to the future full installment Bright Memory: Infinite. Currently, anyone who purchases Bright Memory will receive Infinite for free.


Plebby Quest: The Crusades

Taking a break from the high-octane action, Plebby Quest: The Crusades returns us to the strategy genre. Set during the crusades of Europe and the Middle-East, this turn based game challenges your kingdom to survive for as long as possible during one of humanity's most volatile periods. With its eye-catching art style, Plebby Quest offers both a scenario mode and a sandbox mode. Will you be able to fend off raging empires making unreasonable demands?


Murder By Numbers

From the wonderful minds behind Hatoful Boyfriend comes the game Murder By Numbers. Set in the mid-90s, actress Honor Mizrahi finds herself the star in her own real-life murder mystery. Teaming up with a robot named SCOUT and using the clues you discover from solving puzzles, you will slowly unravel the horrible truth hidden in the underbelly of the L.A. showbiz scene. The combination of great visuals and hilarious writing are bound to lead to an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, no pigeons this time around.



Indie Spotlight
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Adam Kerr

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