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Non Gamstop UK – Advantages and Downsides AD

Non Gamstop UK – Advantages and Downsides

While there are a lot of great online casinos that are licensed in the UK, there is a noticeable shift among gamblers towards non UK casinos. With the UK Gambling Commission bringing in a lot stricter rules as the chief gambling regulator, many people are not finding the online gameplay experience as enjoyable as it once was.

With countless great casinos outside of the UK to choose from, it certainly is a no-brainer to have a look around to try out some exciting new platforms. This article looks at everything to do with non-UK casinos.


  • No wagering restrictions and full play features
  • Often bigger and better bonuses
  • Ultra-fast transactions


  • Not as tightly regulated and no Gamstop
  • Possible issues with withdrawals
  • Potential conversion fees

Why play Non-UK Casinos – is it legit?

Just because an online casino does not hold a license in the UK does not mean that it isn’t legit. There are many other respected gambling regulators across the world, such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the government of Curacao. Therefore, it would be crazy to limit your options to just UK-licensed casinos.

Just like with everything, there will be some bad eggs among the non-UK casinos, but for the most part, they are all legit and respectable offerings that have been around for many years. By having a quick search around and checking out some expert reviews, you will quickly spot which platforms are legit and which ones are not.

Types of Non-UK Gambling Sites

There are a variety of different non-UK gambling sites that you will come across. Your preferred platform will depend on what your own needs and wants currently may be. Some people like to just play slot games, while others enjoy a mix between table games, video poker, and live dealer titles.

There will be standalone bingo and poker sites you will come across, as well as those platforms that combine all of the popular forms of online gambling together. Therefore, there is something for all tastes.

Slots and Casino

The most popular types of non-UK online gambling sites you will come across will be those online casinos that focus on slots and popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, and casino poker. You will come across platforms that have thousands of different games to choose from, with many of the industry's best game developers supplying titles.
Most of the games can be played for real money or for free if you wish to do so. There will also often be some great offers that give you free spins and bonus funds that can be used to place bets on your favorite casino games.

Betting Sites

If you are a fan of sports betting, there are many great online sportsbooks outside of the UK. These will often cater to a wide range of sporting events all across the globe. You will find tons of markets for even the obscure matches.
A lot of the non-UK betting sites will have extensive live betting offerings, so you can react to the game as it is ongoing, with some even allowing you to live-stream the fixture. What more could you ask for?

Bingo Sites

For those people who love relaxing and playing some bingo in a friendly environment, there are plenty of non-UK bingo sites to check out. In recent years, online bingo has taken off massively in terms of popularity.

You can easily play on your computer or from the comfort of your mobile phone. Whatever the case may be, you will come across plenty of different bingo variations, much more than what you would find at your local bingo hall.

Poker Sites

The selection of online poker sites that are outside of the UK is decent. Many of them will share player pools with one another, so you will always be able to play your favorite poker variants and stake limits.

Most platforms will have daily tournaments that have guaranteed prize pools, a selection of cash games, and enough sit and go events to keep you happy forevermore. Poker players will truly feel at home through the leading offshore poker sites.

Main Advantages

One of the main advantages of looking at non-UK gambling sites is that you are opening yourself to a much greater selection. There are a lot more gambling sites outside of the UK than inside of it. You will come across a lot of new types of games that could transform your playing experience.

There may be certain types of games that are currently banned from UK casinos that will be available elsewhere. Another big advantage is that a lot of these leading non UK casinos will support cryptocurrency transactions. This allows you to add an extra level of anonymity to your online gambling, as well as greatly speeding up the transaction process.

Some people may be unwittingly excluded from UK-licensed sites as part of a service like GamStop. Therefore, they have no other option than to move over to non-UK options. Finally, you will often come across a lot bigger bonuses and promotions with non-UK casinos that are often easier to cash out thanks to their optimal wagering requirements.


Naturally, there are going to be some downsides associated with using non-UK casinos. While the tight regulations of the UK Gambling Commission can at times be a nuisance, they do protect players from errant operators.

While most of the non-UK casinos are legit and completely fair to players, there will be some bad apples that have unfair games and will not process withdrawals. If you are dealing with a casino in the UK that is refusing to pay out your winnings, you have legal grounds to get this money, which is not often the case with non-UK casinos.

Finally, if you are using GBP when gambling, there may be some conversion fees that you need to consider when using this currency with non-UK casinos.


As you can see throughout this article, there are tons of different types of gambling sites outside of the UK available for you to play. There are a lot of advantages to using these non-UK casinos, providing you with much greater variety, better bonuses, and an all-around more enjoyable experience. No matter if you are looking for casino games, sports betting, poker or bingo, there is something available for everyone.

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