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Our Favorite Games Based On Egyptian Mythology AD

Our Favorite Games Based On Egyptian Mythology

Back when we were at school, Ancient Egyptian mythology got a bad rap. But revisit it years later, when nobody is expecting you to remember names, dates and convoluted family relationships that would not seem amiss on today’s daytime talk shows, and there is a richness of storytelling that is well worth experiencing.

As well as books and movies, Ancient Egypt has also inspired some of our favorite games. How many of the following have you played?

Oh Mummy!

Is this the first ever game to be set in an Egyptian pyramid? This 1984 Amsoft production was included in the free bundle of 12 games that came with the Amstrad CPC 464, and is one of only two or three that were really memorable.

On the face of it, the game looks a little like PAC-MAN with its 2D grid on which you gather treasure, complete levels and avoid adversaries. But here, the adversaries are mummies and you must walk around various boxes to unveil either treasure, more mummies or the key that takes you to the next level. Sure, the gameplay, graphics and sound are simple, but it has definitely stood the test of time better than many games from the early 80s!

Civilization V

The Civilization series first appeared in 1991, and has always featured Egypt as a playable civilization. However, we have picked the fifth iteration as the one to choose to really immerse yourself in the mysteries of the pyramids.

The Egyptian people are represented by Ramses the Great, widely acknowledged as the most powerful Pharaoh of the New Kingdom. In the game, your objective is to conquer the world through science, technology, culture and military might. History shows there is no better man to have at your side!

Book of Ra

The online slots niche has never been more popular, especially in view of recent events and the temporary closure of physical casinos. Developers have been rushing new games to market, but this is a genre in which the classics never seem to lose popularity, and the flagship title from Novomatic Games is a case in point.

It has the conventional five-reel and three-row set up, and all the symbols have an Egyptian theme, including jewels, scarabs and the like. One of the features that makes this game such a perennial favorite is the free spins mode that triggers with gratifying regularity and can be highly rewarding.

The Dagger of Amon-Ra

Also known as Laura Bow II, this adventure game was first released in all its 8-bit glory back in the early 1990s. Set amid Ancient Egyptian artifacts, you adopt the character of Laura to solve mysteries and cryptic puzzles and solve a murder – before you become the next victim.

Laura Bow was a great videogame character and disappeared after only two games. However, she has recently been brought back for a whole new generation of gamers thanks to Windows and GOG.com teaming up for a long-overdue re-release.

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