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Resident Evil Series Ranked by Metascore Part 2

Resident Evil Series Ranked by Metascore Part 2

Part two of our fence-sitting countdown of the Resident Evil series. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the franchise’s more experimental games have crawled in at a low number, leaving seven of the eight main numbered games still to be ranked. So what will be the next numbered entry to feature in our list? Will a numbered entry even finish top?

12: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Dreamcast), Metascore - 79

A shocking twist, as Resident Evil 3 fails to crack the top 10. Well, maybe not too shocking when you consider all the variables. The third main instalment is sandwiched between arguably the two most beloved games in the franchise by fans. In addition to that, this wasn’t really meant to be the third instalment. By all accounts, that tag should belong to Code: Veronica, but let’s not get into the dirty details about that. At its core, Resident Evil 3 started a shift towards the more action orientated games we would see throughout the 2000’s. Combining fast-paced, action combat with tank controls was always going to affect a game's reception.

11: Resident Evil: Revelations (Nintendo 3DS), Metascore - 82

Cracking the 80 score mark for the first time, we have one of the strangest success stories in the franchise’s history. Releasing a full Resident Evil title on the 3DS was a bold decision from Capcom, but one that ultimately paid off. Better than anyone anticipated, Revelations felt like Capcom steering the franchise back towards its survival horror roots. It still had its action sequences, but it definitely whetted the appetite of fans more than the mainline’s previous instalment, Resident Evil 5. Eventually, the series was successful enough to warrant an episodic sequel in addition to being ported to every single console in existence. With this, only one non-main series entry remains to be revealed.

10: Resident Evil Zero (Gamecube), Metascore - 84

Smashing our way into the top 10 is the last numbered series entry to use the beloved/loathed tank controls the series was so famous for. Set 24 hours before the first game, Resident Evil Zero gives everyone a bit more backstory to our favourite pharmaceutical company, plus the loveable young medic, Rebecca Chambers. Comfortably the most gorgeous of the static cam entries, Resident Evil Zero does a lot right for what is essentially a port of a Nintendo 64 game. It’s a good world building game, which relies a lot on the mechanic of controlling two separate characters throughout the game. Occasionally, it can be convoluted but Zero absolutely deserves its spot in the top 10.

9: Resident Evil 3: Remake (Xbox One), Metascore - 84

How has this stumbled here? After the stellar remake of the second game, this remake was highly anticipated by fans. Yet, despite a series built on bewildering moments, Resident Evil 3 : Remake managed to be one of the franchises most disappointing moments. Capcom was on for a year, not just in regards to the Resident Evil series, but even with their other big hitters. It was an open goal, yet they’ve spooned the ball over the bar. A lack of content, cutting original story points and tacking on multiplayer mode no one asked for? No thanks, Capcom.

8: Resident Evil 7: BIOHAZARD (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), Metascore - 86

The most recent installment of the main series comes in at number eight. For many, Resident Evil 7 was considered a phenomenal return to form after a decade of high intensity action games. It followed up the massively disappointing Resident Evil 6 and introduced a cast of new characters - specifically, Ethan Winters. As a standalone game, Resident Evil 7 was fantastic, but the series renewed success in the horror genre all started here. Arguable one of the most important games in the whole series, stabilising an series that had seemingly come off the rails.

7: Resident Evil 5 (PC), Metascore - 86

A vastly under-appreciated game in the series in my opinion, Resident Evil 5 was a phenomenal success when it launched. The best selling game in the franchise, and Capcom’s second best selling game in their history, Resident Evil 5 suffers the backlash of fans due to the change in gameplay style as well has the second-hand stink from Resident Evil 6. Nevertheless, it was a brilliant blockbuster at the time, and revisiting the game’s co-op may just swing the opinion of those who lean on the more negative side.

6: Resident Evil Remake (GameCube), Metascore - 91

A mind-blowing experience on the GameCube, the remake of the original Resident Evil was met with universal acclaim. A faithful remake, rebuilt from the ground up with quality of life tweaks that really help pull in new players. Visually, it’s incredible for the time, and by today's standards in all honesty. A remastered version of the remake exists across all current-gen platforms, meaning accessibility to the series’ original story has never been easier.

5: Resident Evil (PlayStation), Metascore - 91

Almost poetically, the original game comes in with the same score as its remake. This is where the story began, 25 years ago. Terrible puns, awful voice acting but a mansion and an experience like no other. For most people, Resident Evil was their first foray into survival horror and thanks to that (and the series that followed) the game has become a cornerstone in videogame history.

4: Resident Evil 2 Remake (Xbox One), Metascore - 93

In the two years since it’s release, Resident Evil 2 Remake has found itself climbing to the top of a lot of fans' list as their favourite in the series. Aesthetically, it feels like a series peak, with phenomenal sound design taking the game to the next level. New character designs are added, which have been received favourably, with the whole experience feeling like survival-horror had been truly modernised. It’s a shame we aren’t likely to see newer series entries done in this style, as Capcom delivered excellently here, but they seem determined to keep the main series as a first-person experience going forward.

3: Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation), Metascore - 93

Much like the original game and it’s remake, Resident Evil 2 released to equal acclaim as the reimagining that followed it 20 years later. Moving on from the homely estate in the original, Resident Evil 2 had players battling across a police department and Raccoon City. Considered the series’ pinnacle for the longest time thanks to expanding on its predecessor, being both bigger and better in all areas. It absolutely deserves its spot in the top three, however second spot may be a cause for controversy.

2: Resident Evil - Code: Veronica (Dreamcast), Metascore - 94

As divisive as they come, you either love Code: Veronica or you hate it. Seen by some as an ambitious, true sequel to the second game. Others see it as the first step towards the action-horror game the series would ultimately become in later instalments. Code: Veronica is an unforgiving game, the one you’re most likely to reach a brick wall and have to start again with. That being said, it takes advantage of the Dreamcast hardware and delivers a blockbuster spectacle like no other for the time period. It also homes, possibly, the most hideous set of bangs in any videogame. Thanks a lot Steve Burnside.

1: Resident Evil 4 (PlayStation 2, GameCube), Metascore - 96

Really not that surprising to find the most acclaimed game console of all time’s most acclaimed videogame at the top of list. Resident Evil 4 paved the way to change, not just in the Resident Evil series, but in videogames as a whole. Completely reinventing the third-person shooter and still inspiring modern third-person games today. It always was a symbol of Resident Evil formally embracing its new action identity. The change may be divisive today, but a change so radical could only be successful if it was delivered to a high level, and Resident Evil 4 set a bar the series has yet to return to since.

With that, the list concludes. An unsurprising number one and a controversial number two, with the top 10 being dominated by the main series, or remakes of the main series games. As it stands, the newly released Resident Evil Village would continue that high quality trend and would sneak into ninth spot, however, I’m sure we’ll see that reception evolve over time like it has with the previous entries in the series.

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