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Saints Row - Where to Find the Hidden History Boards

Saints Row - Where to Find the Hidden History Boards

Hidden around Saints Row (2022)’s Kavanaugh County — the area surrounding the city of Santo Ileso — are some of the most interesting points of lore building that I’ve ever seen. Funded (in part) by the Kavanagh County Parks Service are the Hidden History information boards!

There are areas around the county that have several information boards about, say, street art or werewolves, and you get rewards for visiting these areas and activating each Hidden History’s boards. You get cash for learning something, who can argue with that? And since they’re twinned to another area, you get even more rewards! Just trigger the boards in any order and learn something to get something.

Of course, when trying to locate discoveries around Santo Ileso you have to be close to them before they will show up on the map. Since each one can be, well, hidden, I figured I should write this guide on where to find each Hidden History. However, I won’t tell you where to find each individual board, finding them is part of the fun! Just remember to look behind walls and on the edges of the yellow circles!

So here you go, in alphabetical order according to area, here’s where to find Hidden History.

Badlands North

Lake Alacran (twinned with Go Kart Go)

“Learn more about automotive history!”

There is a thick road around the middle of the area, look where the thick road meets the thin road.

Saints Row Hidden History 11

Badlands South

Route 66 McQuarry (twinned with Route 66 Cranston)

“Learn about historic Route 66!”

A short distance south down the road from the Starmadillo clothing store.

Saints Row Hidden History 14

East Providencia

St. Thomas Corvacho (twinned with Meeker Square)

“Learn about the miracles of El Santo Ileso”

The area is shaped like a giant boot, head to the northernmost point of where the toe would be, next to the main road.

Saints Row Hidden History 2

El Dorado

Go Kart Go (twinned with Lake Alacran)

“Learn about automotive history”

Next to the clothing store Go Kart Go! to the east of the area (obvious in hindsight!).

Saints Row Hidden History 6

Lakeshore South

Jasinski Park Theater (twinned with Jasinski Public Library)

“Learn about Antoni M. Jasinski”

In a circle around about the middle of the area.

Saints Row Hidden History 12

Lakeshore South

Jasinski Park Library (twinned with Jasinski Park Theater)

“Learn about Antoni M. Jasinski”

Northwest of Jasinski Park Theater, near the clothing store Kiss Me.

Saints Row Hidden History 15

Marina West

Red Faction Memorial Park (twinned with Frank’s 80/20 Brewery)

“Learn the history of beer making”

In the southeast corner of the area next to the border of Marina East.

Saints Row Hidden History 1

Old Town East

Beware the Grisly Bear (twinned with The Grand Prix)

“Learn about Street Art”

Tucked away in the southwest of the area, behind some fences along the road running west-east.

Saints Row Hidden History 4

Old Town West

Meeker Square (twinned with St. Thomas Corvacho)

“Learn about the miracles of El Santo Ileso”

To the east of the area, where the circle is — very difficult to miss.

Saints Row Hidden History 17

Old Town West

Fort Cullen (twinned with Captain Valera’s Rancho Providencia)

“Learn the history of Santo Ileso before 1854”

Three blocks almost directly west of Meeker Square.

Saints Row Hidden History 18

Rojas Desert North

Sidewinder Creek (twinned with Sky Canyon)

“Learn about the Rojas Desert”

Positioned northwest of Sky Canyon, across the river.

Saints Row Hidden History 7

Rojas Desert North

Sky Canyon (twinned with Sidewinder Creek)

“Learn about the Rojas Desert”

Placed almost central of the area is a small body of water, inside a loop of road. The history is northwest of the body of water, an equal distance between the roads to the north and south.

Saints Row Hidden History 9

Rojas Desert South

Route 66 Cranston (twinned with Route 66 McQuarry)

“Learn more about historic Route 66”

To the east of a large lake near the Ringers clothing store.

Saints Row Hidden History 8

Smelterville West

Frank’s 80/20 Brewery (twinned with the Red Faction memorial park)

“Learn about beer making”

Smelterville West at the south end of the middle triangular section of the area.

Saints Row Hidden History 13

West Providencia

Rancho Providencia (twinned with Fort Cullen)

“Learn the history of Santo Ileso before 1854”

In the north of the area, just below a large dark patch on the map.

Saints Row Hidden History 16

West Providencia

The Grand Prix (twinned with Beware the Grisly Bear)

“Learn about Street Art”

Just west of the clothing store Rat Rods, below a water tower.

Saints Row Hidden History 3

And that’s where to find all of the Hidden History boards in Saints Row. I hope it helps you to learn more about Saints Row’s Kavanaugh County!

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Andrew Duncan


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