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Scrap Galaxy Impressions

Scrap Galaxy Impressions

Local multiplayer games are always a good choice when you are looking for a game that can be the centre of attention when you have friends round. With Scrap Galaxy, a game I was able to play at the Sweden Game Conference, I think I may have found my go-to game for such an occasion.

This build-and-destroy deathmatch game for up to four players being developed by Catalope Games. The main focus within this title compared to others is that each of the ships within the game is built by the player before each round starts. As the parts you need to build your ship are drawn from a deck of cards there is a very low chance you will build the same ship twice. One match you could have the all powerful ship that rips through its enemies but the next match you might be a fast and tiny fighter. That random element allows the title to ensure that there is always a chance for players to have an edge or even a handicap. Really what the system does is make Scrap Galaxy accessible for players both new and old.

scrapgalaxy 01

Though intended to be played with up to four players a built-in AI means you don’t have to enjoy the game by yourself. Capable of building a range of different types of ships from the 12 different components it ensuring plenty of opportunities for fresh experiences. Not only that but players can team up and go against each other in co-op mode or players can try their hand at one of the many different game modes. Scrap King is a rather interesting mode where the winner keeps the ship they built, continuing to build on it, until they are finally defeated in combat. Scrap Galaxy has plenty of gameplay content to keep you engaged.

Speaking of gameplay, you will be pleased to know that the ships handle with ease. With full controller support ships are able to be controlled without too many issues. That is so long as you remember to put an engine on your ship. The controller layout means that, once again, Scrap Galaxy is an accessible title that allows for players to quickly master its systems and be on a level playing field. Of course, the randomness and unpredictable nature of the title makes for a fantastic opportunity to really have a great time with friends. What Scrap Galaxy aims to do is make a local multiplayer title that is engaging and timeless and from the short amount of time I’ve spent with it I can say with confidence that it hits the mark.

scrapgalaxy 02

So when can you get your hands on it? Scrap Galaxy is set to release on 1st December on Steam so it is not too far away. With plenty of fun to be had and endless possibilities in the shipbuilding department, Scrap Galaxy is one to watch.

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