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Six Interesting Facts About Evil Dead: The Game

Six Interesting Facts About Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game is a 4v1 multiplayer game, where a team of survivors — consisting of characters from across the entire Evil Dead mythos — must band together to fend off the Kandarian Demon. After gathering the necessary items, the players can then take on the Dark Ones and destroy the Necronomicon once and for all. The journey to this end can be a long one, though, so it's worth taking in the surroundings.

You can tell Boss Team Games, the developer, had genuine adoration for the Evil Dead series, as Evil Dead: The Game is full of references. Here are six interesting ones that I found.

1 Bronson Caves

Bronson Caves is a location found on the original map, the same that contains the classic Knowby Cabin. What you may be surprised to know is that this location is based on a real-world place, also known as the Bronson Caves. The real Bronson Caves have been utilised countless times over the years, and have appeared in numerous films and television shows. One such film production was Army Of Darkness, the third Evil Dead film. These caves are where Ash hides out at the end of the movie, before travelling back to the present day.

Army Of Darkness BronsonCaves

2. Shemp's Cola

A humble healing item with an odd name, you may think. However, there's more to Shemp's Cola than you might initially understand. Now bear with me because this is a long-winded explanation, and it actually includes The Three Stooges, believe it or not. So, the famous comedy troupe once had a member: Shemp Howard. Unfortunately, while making Stooge's shorts during the 1950s, Shemp passed away, but the producers behind the production demanded the remaining films be finished. To complete the remaining movies, Shemp was given a body double to finish scenes that he hadn't had time to record before his death.

To bring this back around to Evil Dead; during the first movie, actors came and went as their scenes were completed, which meant that possessed Cheryl was played by a different actress. This replacement Cheryl was dubbed a "fake Shemp", a now-common term that Raimi is said to have coined — so, now you know.

The Three Stooges

3. Ash's Car

Both maps spawn vehicles to help the survivors travel much faster between their objectives; the timer runs down very quickly if you dawdle. One of the vehicles that spawns is Ash's car from the movies, a Delta Oldsmobile. Most people will spot this, however, what you may not know is this car is actually Sam Raimi's (the series' director) real-life car and was not a simple prop.

The Evil Dead DeltaOldsmobile

4. Scotty

All the obvious characters — especially those from more recent Evil Dead-related media — saw their original actor/actress return to portray them. Boss Team Games, however, once again showed their unwavering dedication to creating an authentic Evil Dead experience.

I'm not sure how they did this, but Boss Team Games managed to bring back Richard DeManincor to play, well voice, Scotty one last time. DeManincor has been off the grid since the mid ‘80s and only has four acting credits to his name, one of those being The Evil Dead. Scotty could've honestly been voiced by anyone, and no-one would've batted an eyelid, but Boss Team said "no"!

The Evil Dead Scotty

5. Grave Stone

On both maps, there is a gravestone; inscribed on it is the name Bruce Raimi. This is a nod to Bruce Campbell, the actor who has portrayed Ash in every single appearance of the character, and Sam Raimi, the Director/Producer of the majority of Evil Dead outings. The two are the main visionaries behind the franchise and are actually great friends in real-life; Bruce has shown up in minor roles in Raimi's other works.

Evil Dead The Game 1

6. Farewell To Arms

In the Knowby Cabin, you can find a book: A Farewell To Arms. This is a nod to Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, where it appears as a bit of satire. During the movie Ash has to cut off his hand, once it has been possessed. He then places the severed — though very much still alive — hand under a bucket to trap it, and weighs said bucket down with a stack of books, the top of which is the same book, A Farewell To Arms.


And there we have it, six interesting things that I noticed in Evil Dead: The Game. Do you know of any others? Drop them down in the comments below.

Niall Cawley

Niall Cawley

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