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Six Things to do in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

Six Things to do in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

So you bought Marvel's Spider-Man for the PC, loaded up the game, watched the opening cinematic, and are now able to web-sling throughout Manhattan at your leisure. Other than the main quest, you may be asking yourself, “What can I be doing right now?” 

Much like other titles such as the Assassin’s Creed games, Marvel’s Spider-Man gives you various side quests, resources/tokens, and collectibles you can go after. In fact just about everything you do in the game awards a resource of some kind; you will need specific ones to build or upgrade gadgets as the game progresses. 

1. Surveillance Towers

Let's start with surveillance towers, as the game gets you familiar with these towers right away. They can be extremely handy should you decide to do your civic duty and fix them. The towers will fill in the blank spaces of the map for the nearby region, they will also make it so you can see other things you can do in the area; see why I made that Assassin's Creed reference yet? In order to get the towers up and running, head over to their locations and interact with them. You will be greeted with a small mini-game in which you must align the frequencies in order to complete your goal.

Marvels Spider Man Remastered v1.812.1.0 8 13 2022 2 18 13 PM

2. Crime

Stopping crime is all a part of being Spider-Man, and now that you have some areas of the map viewable you can quickly locate crimes in progress. These could be anything from a shootout to a kidnapping, robbery, or break-in. Putting an end to any of these activities gives you the crime tokens. 

3. Backpacks

Peter, it seems, has left his old backpacks scattered around Manhattan and has completely forgotten he did so — until you come across the first one. These backpacks contain items from years ago, such as an old gym shirt he never washed. Collecting them rewards you with a backpack token resource, as well as some remarks from Peter regarding what was found inside. In total there are 55 backpacks to find; get them all and you unlock the “Homemade Suit”. This is the outfit Peter was wearing in Captain America: Civil War before Tony Stark gave him an upgrade. 

Marvels Spider Man Remastered v1.812.1.0 8 13 2022 2 15 26 PM

4. Landmarks

Throughout the beautifully rendered city are 47 Landmarks to locate and take pictures of, which will award you landmark tokens. Personally I love taking pictures in games I am playing, but even though the game has an in-game camera and photo mode, it was not possible for me to view the pictures I had taken. Getting a good screenshot that you can keep is easy though. Just use photo mode, set up the shot, remove the UI, and presto! You have a clean space to click that screenshot button on Steam. 

Marvels Spider Man Remastered v1.812.1.0 8 12 2022 9 57 27 PM

Radio City Music Hall

5. Research Stations

The Spider-Man universe would not be complete without Oscorp Industries. Peter's best friend Harry Osborn has used the resources of the company to construct 17 research stations all over the island. Each one gives you a neat little side mission to help the city and your friend out. These award the research tokens and add a sense of you really helping the community — beyond just bashing enemies around. You can also collect pigeons for a bird-loving friend named Howard, which will also award you with research tokens. 

Marvels Spider Man Remastered v1.812.1.0 8 14 2022 7 13 35 PM

6. Bases

Even the bad guys need a place to hang out; for that reason there are 19 bases for you to take down. These bases can belong to various factions but early on you will mostly be dealing with sites filled with goons working for Wilson Fisk (Kingpin). When clearing out a site you will notice the enemies come in waves, and some goons are armed with heavy firepower. If you manage to defeat the dastardly criminals, you will earn yourself a base token. 

On top of the tokens given by all of these activities you can also expect to earn XP along the way. With the combination of gadget unlocks and upgrades from the tokens mixed with ability unlocks from levelling up, soon you’ll be taking down bad guys and swinging through the streets in style. Or you could just fast-travel once it’s unlocked. 

Jase Taylor

Jase Taylor

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Explaining things thoroughly and also too much

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