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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Five

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Five

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force…

Ensign Munro’s personal log, supplemental. While stealing an isotope to restore power to the ship, it was in turn stolen from us by the Borg, who had also taken Lt. Foster…

In the transporter room with Cm.s Chang, Jurot, Nelson, and Biessman I was fending off the latter who clearly just wanted to seek revenge on the Borg. Obviously, he wasn’t part of the team that I had chosen to accompany myself and Seven of Nine to retrieve the isodesium, and hopefully rescue Foster. He stormed off once the former-Borg arrived, and the rest of us beamed over to the cube.

Elite Forces 103

The few Borg in the room we arrived in ignored us, so I destroyed a distribution node to disable a force field. As we followed a gantry, Nelson noticed a Borg drone walking straight towards him, so he took aim but ultimately didn’t fire as it walked past him. We arrived at a high-security force field which Seven was unable to deactivate, so she told Chang to use explosives to destroy a power node.

Unfortunately, once he set that off, Borg drones began beaming in to attack us! We fought them off, but Nelson asked an important question: why were the Borg shooting at us? They had never shown an ability to fire energy weapons in our previous encounters. Seven suggested that the cube had been separated from the Collective for a long time, and had adapted.

As we followed the hallway, we passed by a room containing Foster strapped to a table! Jurot begged me to help him, making it crystal clear that she felt it was my fault he was here, though Seven said that it was likely too late, and that our mission was more important. Since the room was behind a force field that we couldn’t disable, I had to follow a drone into an adjacent room, then fight my way up, around and back down to where the lieutenant was. Voyager beamed Foster back to the ship, and we continued on our way.

Elite Forces 107

The Borg were getting more insistent on not wanting us there, and I wound up using all of my weapons because the Borg adapted to them so quickly. Although I-Mod stood for “Infinity Modulator” I still didn’t want to risk the Borg finding a way to adapt to it, but had to use it in the end.

We were ambushed on a gantry, with Borg on the opposite side of a veritable chasm between us and them. Though we fought them off, unfortunately, Nelson was killed…

Elite Forces 108

Carrying on with the mission, Seven seemed to think that she was in charge and told the other two to remain behind while she and I scouted ahead. She started hacking a force field and immediately Chang reported that Borg were assaulting them. I joined the fight and we fell back towards Seven, while more and more drones transported in around us. After several tense minutes, the force field was open and the Borg stopped coming, at least for a moment.

Further along the hallway, we were attacked again, but at least this time there was a limited number. Crawling through a gap, I managed to shoot a distribution node through a grate, which deactivated a force field and allowed us to get to another ambush point. We used an elevator to a lower level and fought off more Borg before using a second elevator to reach yet another ambush. However, once the way was clear, we had a force field to breach.

Elite Forces 115

Seven recognised something she called the primary sub-processing matrix and stuck her hand inside of it. She claimed that it might contain useful information, such as exactly where the isodesium was, and went on to explain that the Borg cube had arrived in the ship graveyard much like Voyager: destroyed some weird ship, appeared in an unknown sector. Then, the cube was invaded by “Harvesters” that took a quarter of the ship and hundreds of drones, and they were highly resistant to assimilation — which Jurot rephrased as the Borg being afraid of the Harvesters, for some reason. The way she said it made me wonder if she remembered Species 8472, the tripedal aliens from fluidic space that flew in bioships which had almost killed a member of the senior staff…

Directing us to quaternary environmental control chamber nine alpha, Seven became despondent for a moment before finally removing her hand from the console, and we continued on. Yes, into another ambush…

The node controlling a force field which blocked our way was behind a metal fence, but since I was clearly unable to just stick my phaser between the gaps in the mesh, I had to bounce a phaser grenade around it. At the end of a short passageway, we used a lift to go down onto a gantry with a thick cloud of gas below us. It may have been liquid; I didn’t want to check it out. We fought off some Borg and followed the gantry around to a damaged area filled with more drones before using a lift to access an area below us with yet more drones. An average cube could contain upwards of 130,000 drones, so the sheer weight of them was pretty unsurprising.

Elite Forces 117

Yet another lift took us down further, but only for us to run into a force field with seemingly no way to disable it, until I realised that there was a gap part way down from the lift! I went back up and ducked into the gap, destroying two nodes to deactivate the force field. However, as we entered the next area I saw something which Seven called the vinculum, and I realised that Voyager had encountered one on stardate 52356.2.

We were suddenly trapped inside a force field and surrounded by a whole bunch of Borg drones! Worse, Seven was taken over by the Borg, and used as a unified voice to address me! The Borg wanted to negotiate, and I had to agree to help them, otherwise we would be assimilated. Apparently, the isodesium that we had stolen, and then they had stolen, was — in turn — stolen by trespassers aboard the cube. Apparently, the cube had been in combat with Species 8472 when it had been brought to the graveyard, and some of those aliens had snatched the isotope that we had been sent to retrieve, and were reproducing rapidly…

Elite Forces 120

Jurot wasn’t happy — when was she? — that I agreed to this, and the Borg directed us towards quaternary environmental control chamber nine alpha, then released Seven. While Jurot complained that we were helping the Borg, despite the fact that we would have had to take on 8472 in order to get the isodesium anyway, but Chang assured her that he had something in play.

While Seven opened a force field for us, she explained that she had improved our weapons based on previous encounters with 8472, so they would be sufficient to kill the tough aliens. Owing to the fact they ran on three legs, we could hear them charging us because it sounded like galloping horses. That made them much less scary than previous reports suggested. Better still, my normal phaser could vaporise them easily enough, meaning that I didn’t burn through ammunition as quickly as I had worried.

Elite Forces 123

We sauntered through wave after wave of 8472, and I’m pretty sure that none of us were injured more than once as we moved through their section of the Borg vessel. The drones hadn’t been quite so lucky, as there were Borg parts scattered all over the place… There were no force fields to bypass, just waves of galloping aliens, until we finally reached an elevator up to a gantry that appeared to have been partially transformed by 8472 into organics.

Finally, we reached the isodesium, at which point the Borg betrayed us! Luckily, Chang had set an explosive in the vinculum chamber, and set it off, throwing the Borg into disarray! We shot the drones in the room with us, then had Voyager beam us back to the ship…

Elite Forces 131

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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