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Stardew Valley Bundles Guide part 5: Boiler Room, Vault, and Aftermath

Stardew Valley Bundles Guide part 5: Boiler Room, Vault, and Aftermath

Welcome to the final part of the Stardew Valley guide to the Community Centre! The first four parts covered the Crafts Room, the Pantry, the Fish Tank, and the Bulletin Board bundles. To wrap things up we’ll be tackling the Boiler Room, the Vault, and what happens after it’s all said and done! As always, make sure to check out the other parts if you haven’t already.

Boiler Room run down

Boiler Room (run-down)

The Boiler Room opens up after any two bundles are completed, regardless of which room they’re in. The first three rooms follow a skill theme, and the Boiler Room is only marginally different; the items needed come from two skills here, namely Mining and Combat; admittedly, Combat is a bit harder to make an entire room of bundles out of though! With very few exceptions, everything you’ll be needing for this room can be found in the Mines.

If you’re playing with Remixed bundles enabled, you’ll get three random bundles from the five listed below. All bundles are the same whenever they show up, with the very small exception of the Adventurer’s Bundle.

Adventurer’s Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 2/4 items needed

Adventurers Bundle

If you’re playing with Remixed bundles then four items will be chosen at random for you to potentially donate.

  • 99 Slime: It shouldn’t come as too great a surprise to learn that slime (the item) is dropped from Slimes (the enemies). They’ll drop a piece almost every time you slay one, and Slimes can be found absolutely everywhere that enemies can be found. If you have access to the Secret Woods or have built yourself a Slime Hutch on the farm, both of those locations are options too! Although murdering all the Slimes you’re raising in the Hutch can be counter-productive to raising them in the first place…
  • 10 Bat Wings: In another absolute shocker of a plot twist, bat wings are dropped by bats! These creatures of the night will start showing up from floor 31, and have a few variants; regardless of what type of bat you end the life of, expect 0–2 wings to drop (note that the Iridium Bat variant deep in the Skull Cavern does NOT drop wings).
  • 10 Bone Fragment (Remixed only): Bone fragments come from the most classic of bony monsters: Skeletons! Hike your way down to floors 71–79 to find them.
  • Solar Essence: These miniature sun things can be found by destroying creatures that — as far as I can tell — are apparently associated with rebirth… kinda. Ghosts (floors 51–79), Metal Heads (floors 81–119), Squid Kids (floors 81–119), Haunted Skulls (in the Quarry mine, accessible after finishing the Crafts Room), Mummies (over in the Desert’s Skull Cavern), and Iridium Bats (on floor 51+ in the Skull Cavern) all have at least a chance to yield one or more pieces of this stuff. If you have access to Krobus’ shop in the Sewer, he also sells up to 10 per day!
  • Void Essence: The counterpart to solar, these essences drop from dark and evil creatures: Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans (floors 81–119), Haunted Skulls (in the Quarry mine), and Serpents (over in the Desert’s Skull Cavern). As with solar essences, Krobus also sells these!

Blacksmith’s Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 3/3 items needed

Blacksmiths Bundle

A straightforward bundle, although one that will take a little time and work.

  • Copper Bar: Take five copper ore and a lump of coal, throw them all into a furnace, and wait for 30 in-game minutes. Copper ore is mostly found on floors 2–39.
  • Iron Bar: Same process, but substitute the copper ore for iron, and extend the waiting time to two hours. Iron ore is mostly found on floors 41–79.
  • Gold Bar: You know the drill; waiting period is around five hours now. Gold ore will generally be found on floors 81–119.

Engineer’s Bundle

Remixed only — 3/3 items needed

Engineers Bundle

If you get this bundle then you’ll almost certainly have to wait until Summer to finish it.

  • Iridium Ore: One of the most valuable and useful ores in the game, it’s quite hard to find this with any consistency for large chunks of the game! If you’re very lucky, you might rarely find an iridium node in the Quarry, and with even more luck you may find a mystic stone (a sorta smooth, purple stone with a turquoise line pattern); mystic stones may also appear on floors 101–119 if the RNG gods have truly blessed your day. Once you get access to the Desert and the Skull Cavern, both of these nodes have an increased (but still small) chance to appear; iridium nodes become more common the deeper you go however. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to have a meteorite land on your farm, you can break it apart with a gold pickaxe for 6 valuable pieces of ore!
  • Battery Pack: From the first Summer onwards, any rainy day has a chance to be replaced by a lightning storm (Summer rainy days will usually be stormy). Get yourself to level six Foraging and craft a Lightning Rod, place it on your farm, and wait until the day after a storm; the Rod will have processed the lightning’s energy into a battery pack. It is almost guaranteed for Summer 13 and Summer 26 to be stormy, in every year.
  • 5 Refined Quartz: A lot easier than the other items needed for this bundle, all you need to do here is take one piece of quartz and one lump of coal, and put them in a furnace for 90 minutes. If you use fire quartz instead, it will produce three pieces at once!

Geologist’s Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 4/4 items needed

Geologists Bundle

All of the minerals needed for this bundle can be found just sitting on the floor inside the Mines.

  • Quartz: These can be found on pretty much any floor, and you’ll almost certainly find several without even trying. Quartz can also be found inside any type of geode that you crack open.
  • Earth Crystal: These minerals show up from floors 2–39, can be found inside regular and omni geodes, and also drop occasionally from Duggy enemies.
  • Frozen Tear: So called because they look exactly like a teardrop, these can be found on floors 41–79, inside frozen and omni geodes, and very rarely may drop from Dust Sprites.
  • Fire Quartz: Like quartz, but red! Check out floors 81–119, or crack open some magma or omni geodes.

Treasure Hunter’s Bundle

Remixed only — 5/6 items needed

Treasure Hunters Bundle

Precious jewels are the name of the game here! All gems have their own distinct nodes that they can be mined from. There is also a generic purple “gem node” that may drop anything the game sees as a “gem”; these appear as a smooth, dark purple stone.

  • Amethyst: The purple gem. The nodes can be found on any floor.
  • Topaz: The yellow gem. Again, these nodes can appear on any floor.
  • Emerald: The green gem (we don’t talk about jade). Emerald nodes will usually start having a chance to appear from floor 81 onwards.
  • Diamond: The classic rare white gem, shiniest of them all! Except for the prismatic shard, but those are special. Diamond nodes can start appearing from as early as floor 51, with a slowly increasing chance the deeper one goes. However, keep in mind that they’re still reasonably rare, even at floor 119!
  • Ruby: The red gem. As with emeralds, floor 81 and deeper is your go-to for these.
  • Aquamarine: The blue gem. Aquamarines can start appearing from floor 41 onwards.

To complete this bundle, just throw the first five gems that you find in! If you happen to have all six, then keep the diamond for yourself, since it’s worth more.

Boiler Room repaired

Boiler Room (repaired)

With just three bundles, the Boiler Room is complete! Your reward is access to the minecart system, an incredibly useful set of fast-travel points that can zip you around town faster than hoofing it can do.

The Vault

Vault run down

Vault (run-down)

It’s very easy to imagine what the Vault requires. What else would you put in a safe? To that end, I won’t be going into details of each bundle here, since hopefully you have some idea of how to make some money by this stage! The Vault is the last room to open up for donations, after you have completed any four other bundles.

There are four Vault bundles:

  • 2,500g
  • 5,000g
  • 10,000g
  • 25,000g

Completing all of the bundles will set you back a total of 42,500g.

Vault repaired

Vault (repaired)

Once your wallet is empty, the Junimos will repair the bus at the Bus Stop, allowing you to buy tickets to the Desert. Neat! That should stop Mayor Lewis’ excuses of the town coffers not having the funds…

Community Centre completion cutscene

We even cleared out that "rat problem" that Lewis mentioned.

Hey look at that, good job farmer! With every bundle filled, done, and dusted, the Junimos repair the Community Centre all the way back to a fully-finished state. Next time you enter town on a non-rainy, non-festival day, you’ll get a cutscene of the villagers enjoying the building, and JojaMart will — one way or another — be run out of town. You’re done, enjoy!

But wait, there’s more…

The Missing Bundle

Classic and Remixed — 5/6 items needed

The Missing Bundle

The true final bundle!

After JojaMart closes down, the next rainy day will give you a cutscene showing the run-down building’s door breaking open. You can then get back in, and find a lost Junimo who wants more items! These ones are the rarest of the lot, so strap yourself in.

  • Silver-quality Wine: As usual, wine is made by putting any fruit item into a keg. However, in order to increase the quality of it, you’re gonna have to get Robin to upgrade the farmhouse all the way to the max! This unlocks the cellar, allowing you to mature certain items in casks. Wine takes two full weeks to increase to silver quality. You can also use gold or iridium quality here if you so desire; gold takes an additional two weeks, and iridium taken a further four weeks on top of that!
  • Dinosaur Mayonnaise: Yep, you read that right! It’s finally time for dinosaur eggs to be useful. If you’ve found a spare one through digging up the ground, or on your adventurers in the Desert's Skull Cavern, then simply run it through a Mayonnaise Machine. It might be better to hatch it in the Coop’s incubator though, and raise your own little dinosaur to lay as many eggs as you could want! Don’t worry, we learned from the mistakes of Jurassic Park; there’s no way this goes badly.
  • Prismatic Shard: This incredibly rare and sought-after gem can actually be found in a reasonably wide variety of places, just at criminally low rates. Iridium nodes have a 4% chance to drop one, whilst mystic stones have a whopping 25%. Omni geodes have a tiny 0.4% chance to spit out a shard. If you’ve reached the bottom of the Mines (and if you’re here, chances are you probably have) then every single monster you slay will have a 0.05% chance of dropping one. If you are in version 1.5 and have access to Ginger Island, then getting all the way through the volcano dungeon will reward you with a one-time chest containing a single shard.
  • 5 Gold-quality Ancient Fruit: I already covered how to obtain an ancient fruit in part 2 of the guide; given that it was several lines, it’s easiest for us all to just send you back there. You’ll find it at bundle 4b (Rare Crops Bundle). It's easiest to mass produce ancient fruit by utilising the greenhouse along with a Seed Maker (the recipe is learned at level nine Farming).
  • Gold-quality Void Salmon: After you’ve seen the Community Centre’s final cutscene (the one mentioned above), a small quest chain involving the Wizard can be started at the Railroad. Once you complete the first step in the Sewers, you can get through to the swamp. When you arrive, just get to fishing! The only fish you can find are void salmon (and catfish, if it’s raining). This is a somewhat hard catch, jumping around the minigame bar a fair amount. For best quality results, cast your line to the side of the bend in the path. If you happen to somehow land an iridium-quality fish, that also works for the bundle!
  • Caviar: Arguably the easiest item from this bundle to acquire, you’ll first need to catch yourself a sturgeon from the Mountain during Summer or Winter, then plop it in a Fish Pond. Eventually, it’ll crank out some roe; stuff it into a Preserves Jar, wait for about four days, and wabam! Caviar!

I would recommend NOT using the Prismatic Shard for this bundle, unless you have a godly amount of luck and a stack of 10 or more; the shards are both very rare and highly useful, even more so in version 1.5.

With the final (for real this time) bundle completed, you are told “something good will happen”. Well, that’s a little cryptic eh? However, if you go back to the old JojaMart anytime after sleeping you’ll find a movie theatre in its place, which you can visit once a week. Cool! If you bring a villager along then you have the potential to gain large amounts of friendship points with them too.

With that, the Community Centre (and bonus Movie Theatre) guide is complete! It’s been a bit of an undertaking, but hopefully you found useful information in one part or another — or in multiple! As always, let me know if this helped you, and good luck with all your farming endeavours in the world of Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley Bundles Guide
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