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Starfield is As Addictive As Aurora

Starfield is As Addictive As Aurora

I am already going to blame my husband, the Editor of GameGrin, for this, but he got me into Starfield, just like he has done for many other games in the past.

Starfield is addictive, just like Aurora. I don’t just mean when you take it, but also when you forget that it's in your inventory. When you come across contraband, you know you want to pick it all up just so you can get a lot of money. So many times I have forgotten it is in my inventory and gotten caught, then needed to reload my previous save…

starfield screenshot showing a glowing bottle of aurora

When I first started playing Starfield, I had a lot of mixed feelings about it because it would just suddenly crash at odd times on my Xbox Series X, leaving me super frustrated. Sometimes, I had forgotten to save and had to go to an autosave and other times, it was so good that I forgot I was meant to be doing the main mission.

Oh, and don't get me started on the mixed feelings of Constellation. Sam, however, I will not hate because he is voiced by Elias Toufexis (who also did Adam Jenson in the Deus Ex games), yes I married him multiple times and had him always with me because his voice made me swoon… Then we have Sarah, she is a very interesting person, but to have her around can be a little annoying because it's like she hates EVERYTHING you do. Barrett is funny, but god, if I have to hear him say “DUSTYYY” one more time, I'm going to shoot him… Finally, we have Andreja she is sweet, quiet, and a fun companion to have — but nothing will stop me from always choosing Sam.


Okay, so maybe the most addictive part of Starfield is Elias Toufexis…

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Anna Duncan

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