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Ten Great Upgrade Flash Games

Ten Great Upgrade Flash Games

I love Flash games - they are the original casual game. Before smartphones, there were simple games you spent ten minutes on your computer waiting to load up but potentially several hours playing (depending on your 56k connection). There is still a big market for flash games, with several large portals getting hundreds of thousands of hits each month. Of course, I still play them - as shown by my Five Fun Flash Fangames article.

However, there are two genres I really enjoy. One is physics-based, which have become very popular since I first fell in love with them. The other are upgrade games, which this list will cover. It’s a simple goal and a simple premise, but that’s why I love them. I enjoy the odd 70-hour JRPG, but knowing I can pick up and complete a game in twenty minutes just appeals to me. Will I go ten feet? Will I got a kilometer? Will I misfire and go straight up in the sky and go backwards? The fun doesn’t always have to be in the challenge or the journey - sometimes the fun is the destination.

The main idea is that you have to reach a destination by purchasing parts to upgrade your method of conveyance. This can be a rocket, a kite, your own feet or a paper plane - anything used to reach to a predetermined distance. Each launch gains you money and more is usually scattered around for you to pick up and get better upgrades.


Hedgehog Launch by jmtb02 Studios

The country of Minovia Cay has tasked you, as smartest out of their 15,000 strong population, to get the Minovia Hedgehog, mascot of the country, into space. Can you do it with $50? Probably not - but collect enough money with repeated attempts and there will soon be one less hedgehog on Earth.

In Hedgehog Launch 2, get Hedgehog to Mars! Past orbit, past the moon and smash into the red planet! Minovia Cay needs YOU and your experience with shooting tiny mammals into space - it’s the only way to help your country!


Cyclomaniacs by LongAnimals

It’s a race to the finish in the Cyclomaniacs Tournament - a bike race across treacherous terrain and insane bikers. Upgrade your ride, unlock 20 riders and backflip your way across the finish line in 26 tracks.

Cyclomaniacs 2 has you helping Cyclo King to try and save Princess Jennifer from the insane original Cyclomaniacs! With more riders and 39 tracks that you can’t pass with speed alone, having to do tricks and stunts or collect things before passing the finish line.

The recently released Cyclomaniacs Epic has you and 30 riders on 60 bikes trying to defeat The Haddock who has taken over a movie studio - with cycling! 


Burrito Bison by Juicy Beast Studios

You are Burrito Bison, strongest wrestler currently in the store. Suddenly snatched into Candyland, a world of gummy bears and treats, you must utilise and upgrade your wrestling moves to smash through every gate blocking your escape, to finally return to the store and get your grocery shopping.

Occurring minutes after your escape in Burrito Bison, Burrito Bison Revenge sees Burrito returning to Candyland to retrieve his wallet! With more moves and more anger, send those gummies to their doom and finally purchase your pre-packaged goods. 


Learn to Fly by Light Bringer Games

Help Penguin learn how to fly like the other birds, because he (or she)’s tired of swimming. There’s flying fish, so why not a flying penguin?! Create the perfect sled to start down the iceberg and glider to take to the air!

Learn to Fly 2 continues from the events of Learn to Fly. Using the same method as before, but this time with a payload. Without it, you’re never going to get the extra velocity to smash through massive icebergs and get extra money.

Learn to Fly 3 is coming soon and will again feature Penguin, but this time facing his (or her) toughest challenge yet! Space! Help prove that no matter how flightless they claim you are they are wrong, when this game is released this summer.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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