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Things I Would Like to See Come to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Part One

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is unfortunately one of the few things that I enjoy playing a lot and although the game is pretty good and has gotten much better than how it used to be, there are still quite a few things I'd like to see come to it. Here are my suggestions to Nintendo!

1) Sleeves

This one is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves about the damn game. I hear people mention that it's because the characters have the model from the 3DS game but then how come the animals have things on their heads or in their arms? Heck, they even interact with items and on the 3DS version they don't do any of that. 


Regardless of the reason, the lack of sleeves is awfully distracting, especially during winter when it's cold as all heck and they're just walking around sleeveless.

2) Camera angle in the cabin

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One of my absolute favourite features that they've added is the camera angle change in the campsite. It makes everything so much easier when you need to see from the game's usual perspective! However, the cabin — for some odd reason — doesn't have that. If you click on the little camera icon all it does is flip to show you the other walls, which is great, but I also miss the down view.

3) Undo

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I decided to try my hand at making a Christmas camp this year, because this is the first time I'm actually around for the season. Well, since it's the first time I'm around I also didn't have a ton of items, which meant it took a lot of rearranging to make it look natural and good

I don't know if it's just me that makes an absolute mess of the camp but I doubt it! I changed and changed the layout several times trying to get it right, and sometimes I'd regret it and have to painstakingly put everything back in place.

4) Animals in stalls


I am a huge fan of having animals in stalls around my camp because I find town-esque camps super cute... but then I find them empty a lot of the time for no reason. It's kind of sad, and I wish you could choose a certain animal to man the stalls so it always looks like a proper little store.

5) Harvey-like pictures

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Speaking of animals not staying where you want 'em, here comes my fifth suggestion: let us choose where they go in pictures. This could be something like the Harvey thing in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Just a simple way to put the animals you want on the interactive spots you have. Imagine how cute the pictures could be! I think it's quite a lacking feature in a game that is so heavily based on decorating and picture taking.

6) Item trading

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This one is one I didn't think of myself, but rather heard from my wife and then saw online: trading repeats for something you actually want.

I absolutely love the recent toy box cookies they've released, but I haven't put a single Leaf Ticket into them because chances are I'm going to get a bunch of repeats of something worthless. Some cookies are pretty good in the sense that you can barely go wrong getting repeats, but in some of them... What am I going to do with two sets of stairs? Or two kitchens? Something very easily fixed by letting us exchange some repeats for an item we actually want.

7) Terrain limitations


I don't know if I don't know if there is a reason for this, but I've yet to find one. All I see is a bunch of terrain that I wish I could use for my camp. The little area near the entrance to the garden is so oddly shaped and small that it's awkward to build in and usually the bane of my existence

The addition of the freedom to take off the amenities was amazing. I wish they'd just take this other limit off too.

8) Rug sizes

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I got so disappointed when the rugs were a set size in this game, unlike in Happy Home Designer version. I just don't understand why Nintendo doesn't carry the good ideas from one game to the others. Beautiful dresses and sleeves for animals in New Horizon but not Pocket Camp, rug resizing in Happy Home Designer but not here. Why, Nintendo? Why?

9) K.K. Slider music

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Another thing that baffles me that they refuse to add here — K.K. Slider's music! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to be able to get your favourite records and play them at your camp?

10) Let us interact!

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There's something sad and empty about working your butt off to get some items, and spending hours decorating to then just... walk around. You can sit on chairs and beds, but... Maybe I also want to jump in on the freaking snow angel making, Nintendo

But seriously, it would be nice for us to be able to at least do some interactions with the items around our camps.

11) Easy way to explore other people's camps

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Yet another feature that they had in other games but for some reason didn’t add to this one. I love exploring people's camps but I can only have so many friends on the list. I wish there was an easy way to look at some of the most beautiful camps. Maybe some sort of voting system; I mean, PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator has it, and so do most of the farming games like Farmville.

I know some people get stressed out about decorating but then it's simple: give us an opt-in so that we can share our camp and see others' more easily.

I'll be leaving it here for now because the list is getting long. I'll come back with some others I've thought of! But what did you think of the current ideas I had? I hope you help me bring them to life. I hope Nintendo listens! 

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Violet Plata

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