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Top 10 Ocarina of Time Songs

Music and videogames have always gone hand in hand for me. Whether it’s a soundtrack in FIFA or the varying songs in Mario Kart, the role themes have to play in the success of a game cannot be understated. One particular game owes some of its success to the superb soundtrack that accompanied it - and that game is Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game understandably ranks as one of the greatest games in history, and its soundtrack is one of the reasons why - well, that and because it’s the best game ever! Sit back, relax, and prepare to take a nostalgia-filled journey down memory lane as I rank my Top 10 Ocarina of Time Songs.

Honourable Mentions:

Hyrule Castle Courtyard


This definitely deserved an honourable mention, not only for the music, but for the sheer joy it gave me when I first played it. Sneaking past the guards - who had no peripheral vision - was so much fun, and I didn’t always care if I got seen, because it would just give me another chance to play the level all over again. Once you make it past the guards, Princess Zelda is waiting for you to warn you of Ganondorf’s plan to conquer Hyrule.

Kaepora Gaebora


The third most irritating Zelda character, behind Fi from Skyward Sword and Kass from Breath of the Wild, this theme perfectly encapsulates his overly precise and tiresome personality. The lethargy in the theme mirrors the lethargy felt when listening to him ramble on, especially when you accidentally did press yes to “did you want to hear that again?” This owl was a troll before trolling was cool.

#10 : Forest Temple


If ever a Zelda Temple had the perfect accompanying theme, it would be this one. The Forest Temple is an eerie location, set in the far reaches of the Lost Woods and Sacred Meadow. It’s imposing, dizzying, enchanting and atmospheric all at the same time. The eerie theme with the high-pitched riffs captures the vibe almost flawlessly. It’s my favourite Temple from the game and its theme is one reason why.

#9: Lost Woods


The Lost Woods are just amazing. They can lead you to a Temple, side quests, Lake Hylia, Kokiri Forest and Goron City. The varying directions you can go could have been creepy and unsettling, but the charming music acts as the perfect paradox to what looks like an impossible maze. When Link is looking for Saria, he follows the music in the direction where it is loudest, acting as a beacon of light to show the way.

#8: Lon Lon Ranch


Whenever the Hyrule Field music became too intense, Lon Lon Ranch was the perfect location to chill out and unwind. Not only was this the location where you raced Talon and escaped with Epona as Adult Link, but there was the mini-game of rounding up chickens for a heart container and an obstacle course to ride Epona around. It’s a beautiful location with a serene soundtrack, and its ruins even made an appearance in Breath of the Wild.

#7: Temple of Time


In one of the corners of the Town you’ll find the stunning Temple of Time. From the outside it looks imposing and eerie, especially with the distant camera angle you view it from, but once you step inside you realise it’s a warm, yet haunting sanctuary. The deep chanting and slow tempo of the music, mixed with the light shining through the windows gives you a real sense of comfort and warmth, offering a safe haven during your travels around Hyrule. Even in post-apocalyptic Hyrule, the Temple of Time stood the test of time throughout.

#6: Kakariko Village (Pre-Apocalypse)


Some people might not realise, but there are two Kakariko Village themes. The second theme is when you return as Adult Link, and it’s far more melancholy and downbeat, with some of the residents of the Town having to relocate there, and all the while a dark cloud overlooks the village. As Young Link, however, the theme is far more upbeat and peaceful. It offers a safe gateway between Hyrule Field and Death Mountain, with the music accompanying the mode perfectly.

#5: Hyrule Field


How could this not make the list? It starts off peaceful enough and then rises into a crescendo of excitement and vigour. The theme perfectly captures the world around you: one moment quiet and serene, and the next frenetic and foreboding. There was no way this iconic theme wasn’t going to feature on this list.

#4: Town


The most whimsical and cheerful theme in the entire game, the Town oozes happiness and vibrancy from the moment you cross the drawbridge and pass the guard. There’s an energy among the people, with Bombchu Bowling, Arrow Practice and the game where you take a 50/50 guess which box has a key inside it. The sadness comes when you turn into Adult Link and the Town has become a barren and deserted landscape, with Ganondorf’s undead creatures roaming the once bustling location.

#3: Potion Shop


This theme is just superb, and easily one of my favourites. It’s eerie and cool at the same time, with its erratic style so dissimilar to anything else in Ocarina of Time. The Potion Shop spawns in the post-apocalyptic world, just as you cross the destroyed drawbridge that once led to the vibrant Town. A door on your right takes you into the Potion Shop, where you can sell Poe’s you have caught on your ventures.

#2: Gerudo Valley


My favourite location in Ocarina of Time narrowly misses out on top spot for its theme. The Wild West vibe from the opening riff builds up and picks up tempo and intensity. The soundtrack to Gerudo Valley suits the ambience of the location perfectly, and when you rescue carpenters from their cells, you feel like a true hero.

#1: Song of Storms


You cannot mention Ocarina of Time without referencing the guy in the windmill in Kakariko Village. The Song of Storms acts as a useful tool in the game, but its theme is just wonderful and has stuck with me for years. It’s so energetic and unique, and for that, along with nostalgic reasons it pips Gerudo Valley’s theme for top spot.

There you have it, my list of my 10 favourite Ocarina of Time songs. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below! 

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter

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