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Trials of an Adventurer in Final Fantasy XIV Part 1/2

Trials of an Adventurer in Final Fantasy XIV Part 1/2

Final Fantasy XIV is a MMORPG set within the world of Eorzea, and being an RPG, I donned a cloak and became the wizard I strive to be. So began my journey as a White Mage (well conjurer initially) I didn’t realise I needed to talk to people about it after I joined a weird cult trying to save the world. I expected to just run round casting heals and save people from dying, as I struggle to get to grips with keyboard and mouse on PC.

I have friends on FFXIV, but because I was on a free trial and them being Lv.50+, my adventure began alone. A weird person invades my dreams. Waking up doesn’t end the bizarre, as an invisible chubby neck-less moogles drinks someone’s alcohol. Apparently a war is happening, I don’t know why that’s relevant until somebody tried to attack our cart. We’re hoisted away before I can even try to cast a cure, something tells he’ll need healing fighting against a group by his lonesome.

ffxiv 31122017 141007

Sorry about that, my clothes kinda got destroyed on the way.

New Gridania, the home of new adventurers. It looked pretty empty when I arrived though. But like a dream, or some kind of horror movie involving a murderous presence/flashback, a flood of crowd noises resume. If I didn’t know better, I should’ve ran away, but the lady who manages the adventurers is clearly somebody powerful if she’s able to hide people. Little did I know, she’d badger me with jobs that barely pay for potions…

And so I finally began my (soon to be) White Mage journey around Eorzea, as a conjurer, killing things. Screw that oath, go throw stones at the nearby monsters, it’ll be fine, she said. Her first (of many) requests that’ve nearly (if not) killed me. Battered, broken, and bruised, I slew the handful of wildlife for pocket change. I guess the plus side is the new ability to use the wind to kill things, any small wins are nice at this rate. I had to open my instruction manual and figure out how to move because the controller overrode my keyboard. But as I climbed the ladder of progression, I finally ran a dungeon where I worked with other people and put my cures to work!

ffxiv 04012018 213950

Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to know where the nearest clothes vendor is?

A daunting premise being a would-be White Mage, to keep the entire party alive but a task only someone as willing as I could do. Employing the Cures of a lifetime, our Light Party’s tank did their work. Taking the brunt of the enemies forces they managed to not die under my watch, as we proceeded to push into the dungeon run called Sastasha. The pirates did their best, but as we pushed further and further the tide of the battle was in our favour. With the final boss in sight, we won as I ran out of mana casting. With the stakes set after beating my first dungeon I powered through the requests.

More death ensued as I ventured into my second dungeon, The Tam-Tara Deepcroft. What could be described as a healer’s worst nightmare happened, I drew aggro… Wearing cloth as armour, my health was whittled down extensively by the swarming enemies the tank couldn’t control. Curing myself extensively, the Lancer and Archer struggled to keep the enemies off me. This didn’t happen once though, it happened multiple times. And so, said failure of a tank of a Gladiator lost their commendation as the Archer did their swiftest Quick Nock to strike the swarming enemies. Sadly, this repeated for the next two dungeons where I took the tank’s aggro on several occasions. So whoo! As an entriped would-be White Mage I did what no healer should ever have to fear, the wrath of the swarming enemies a tank faces. At least if I learnt to be a White Mage prior reaching level 35 in the free trial… And so, concludes the first half of “Trials of an adventurer in Final Fantasy XIV”.

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