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What Exactly is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

What Exactly is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Have you seen Ghostwire: Tokyo circling the internet and wanted to buy it, but read the Steam description (or any other description for that matter) and found yourself more confused? Perhaps the Steam page doesn't give accurate descriptions of what it is, or whatever you did get to read was still too vague to make a proper decision on. Well, this is what we're here for! What exactly is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Story & Setting

Ghostwire Tokyo Story and Setting

The first thing I'd like to mention about Ghostwire: Tokyo is the game's story and setting. Of course, we all know that the setting takes place in modern Tokyo, but the story isn't exactly made clear on the Steam page — or, at least, how it ties in together with the gameplay.

You'll play as a boy named Akito who gets possessed by a ghost shadow named KK. After a fog washes over the city, all of the residents literally disappear, leaving behind just their clothes and lingering spirits. As Akito and KK, you'll need to try to solve the problem by trying to beat the cult that has befallen Tokyo. Of course, the story has more to it, as more motivators appear throughout your journey; however, in order not to spoil things, I will not be mentioning what kind of motivators.

As the story progresses, you'll interact with some side characters, but most predominantly Akito and KK will be the ones you see the most throughout your journey. As you'll see them bicker and squabble as if they'd been a married couple; although that might sound tedious, their interactions are nothing short of hilarious, and several of the characters throughout the story are enjoyable to interact with.

KK is a Japanese-styled Ghostbuster that fights yōkai (Japanese ghosts) named the Visitors. Aside from gathering his research notes from the past, you'll also be helping him solve cases in the present as Akito; think the TV show Supernatural, set in Japan!


Gameplay Image Ghsotwire Tokyo

So, you're interested in the story, and read the description of "upgradeable elemental powers and ghost-hunting skills" but were left confused? Don't worry, so were we!

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person shooter where you'll use elemental powers called Ethereal Weaving to defeat the Visitors. Swapping between three types — Wind Weaving, Fire Weaving, and Water Weaving in order of unlocking — you'll face numerous types of Visitors, each with its own unique weaknesses.

Aside from Ethereal Weaving, you'll be able to use a bow and arrow you acquire early on in the tutorial, along with some papers named talismans to spruce up your fighting. These aren't meant to be your main forms of combat, but numerous skills in the skill tree offer this as an opportunity.

Aside from combat, you'll be solving cases to help spirits struggling to pass to the afterlife with what are your sidequests in the game. These cases aren't mandatory but are very useful; I found them almost more fun than the main story. These weren’t usually difficult and had a unique way of passing them, which made them enjoyable and different from the main gameplay style.

ghostwire tokyo 3

Finally, whenever you aren't running around relentlessly murdering Visitors, you can be parkouring across the rooftops of Tokyo. Although the parkour isn't anywhere near as polished as Dying Light's, it certainly is fun, especially seeing as Akito doesn't suffer fall damage. Why will you want to be flying across the rooftops? For the numerous collectibles present in the game. With several dozen of them to find and rewards to be had for doing that, Ghostwire: Tokyo heavily encourages exploring its open world, if not only for the gorgeous visuals.

So, how about it? Is everything more clear now? Will you be buying the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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