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What I Want from Chroma Squad 2

What I Want from Chroma Squad 2

For those of you who haven’t played the original Chroma Squad (and why not, I reviewed it very highly), it saw you in charge of a group of actors. They wanted to create a superhero show not unlike Saban’s Power Rangers, but wound up encountering actual aliens bent on taking over the world - or did they? It depends on how you play and interpret what you played.

Although there’s no Chroma Squad sequel yet announced, and Behold Studios released an Episode Editor earlier this year, it’s nice to want things. Obviously, I want Chroma Squad 2.


In keeping with the Power Rangers theme, it would be Chroma Squad Wild Force, or Chroma Squad Samurai… It would need a theme of some kind is what I'm saying. But to avoid directly copying Power Rangers, they would need to be Wilderness, or Centurion. This new team would be in a new city, with all new characters, because there would HAVE to be a crossover episode, where the old team comes back to fight alongside the new one.

And maybe bring back Cerebro!

As for the actual plot, the team are, of course, another TV studio making their own costumed super team show. During production they have to supplement their cashflow by working at a comic book shop or pizza parlor. That's where the villain comes in - she wants to develop on that land, and so needs to buy the building. She's also an evil space empress or something. Look, I'm not writing this thing (though I'm willing to!), I don't have to work out the details (but I could!)...


The cast in the first game were varied, and you could pick and choose which ones you wanted in each role. In Chroma Squad 2 we'd need to have fewer core characters, so they could get fleshed out better. See Power Rangers Wild Force and Mystic Force for examples of smaller Ranger squads.

There would be more weapons to compensate, though


Tactical RPG really worked for Chroma Squad and I wouldn't want to mess with the formula. However, setting parts of it in a pizza shop would allow for a mini-game along the lines of Pizza Titan Ultra. Toppings, baking, cutting - great stuff. Of course there would be giant mecha fights, but perhaps more in depth than just an attack, block and a couple of special attacks. I'm not looking for quick time events, but the mecha fights could be very formulaic in Chroma Squad.


Don't change a thing. 16-bit style pixels like this are bright, colourful and brilliant. Maybe upgrade them to 32-bit, but that would run the risk of a removing some of the charm and brightness. At least that's how I feel about Mega Man X compared to Mega Man 7.

Look at this glorious display


I'd be happy for Behold Studios to reuse the original music, because that was fantastic. If not, get the same composer as Chroma Squad. I bought the soundtrack and still listen to it on occasion, it's just so good.


Since Chroma Squad has been released on Windows, console and mobile (and is probably going to come to Switch before long), there must be demand for it. It's not like we're going to get an official Power Rangers game, unless it's a tie-in to Power Rangers 2, which has recently entered pre-production. Each season of the show lasts a year, which just isn't enough time to make a game anymore. The best we can hope for are more games based on the entire franchise, or the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers - or Chroma Squad 2.

Personally, I'd prefer Chroma Squad 2.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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Mikal - 12:37am, 9th January 2019

We should be able to fire and hire new actors. Fire and hire crew members. Have 6 rangers and also choose how the main base looks like. And longer seasons and episodes. And one more thing more plot twist like one of the rangers turns evil and we get them back. 

Acelister - 08:58am, 9th January 2019 Author

Hiring and firing would be an interesting mechanic - it could raise or plunge ratings, depending on which character it was. A selection of bases to choose from could also be an alternative to base customisation. There's been enough "ranger turns evil" plots over the years that Chroma Squad 2 would straight up require it to be a plot.

Thanks for the comment!

Angus Kaho Yeung
Angus Kaho Yeung - 09:36am, 23rd January 2019

I like your article about chroma squad. Most of the things you said like the gameplay, story, and character are great ideas! But what i also want is kind of a better megazord fight. I did play it even on a higher difficulty and it didn't feel interesting and felt repetative throughout the fight. I do love the customization for the mecha/megazord so i would love to keep that, but i wish it was strategy like our rangers fight. I know it sounds weird having megazord being turn base like that, but i want to fight multiple enemies with it as the game progress. They can also give the 6th ranger or extra heroes their own mecha/megazord or vehicle when they join in so the fight doesnt seem repetative.  Maybe this is also alittle too much, but i also do want to add a megazord combining with the other one, because it would be kind of cool to see what it would look liked combined.  I would love a crossover with the pass rangers and the current rangers so it could be a great episode or special. I wish we could have 2 sets of rangers during the same game like kyoryuger/ dinocharge but your probably right to kep it less. I would love to see the series start out with 3, then you go to 5 and then 7 like go-onger or rpm cause that did flesh out character the best in my opinion. I wish for not an evil power ranger, but a set of them like the psycho rangers from power rangers in space, or the a-squad from spd cause the a squad was a group of rangers that decided to turn evil on their own free will and it was cool and be a neat idea to fight them.

Acelister - 09:48am, 23rd January 2019 Author

Some good ideas there. Yes, the zord fights would definitely need livening up in some way, though I did like the change in gameplay so I don't think I'd like another turn-based battle.

If there was a New Game+ mode, then we could have a special episode where the past rangers join in!

Alice Bubblegum
Alice Bubblegum - 08:35pm, 2nd June 2020

I'd love the upgrade to 32-bit to improve details.

"(...) there would HAVE to be a crossover episode"


I laughed first time I read, cause it's obvious and I didn't think before.

Acelister - 09:58pm, 2nd June 2020 Author

I'm so glad it could brighten your day!