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Where is Everyone? Conan Exiles!

Where is Everyone? Conan Exiles!

Conan Exiles had an average player count of just 2,501 this month with a peak as low as 5,455. For a survival game this is somewhat worrying. Especially when their arguable competitor, ARK: Survival Evolved is still pulling in a monthly average of a huge 38,360!

So why is Conan Exiles so quiet? Well, I am here to reassure players that want to play this game in the future, either to buy it for themselves or to pick it back up again and play with a few friends. I personally have high hopes for this game. The planned features for this game are going to make it incredibly unique, eventually. Well, I say that when really I am just going to talk about future plans for the game and what the developers could do in order to drum up more interest for it and make it competitive in this rather saturated market.

Firstly, I must say that I think the thrall system they have implemented is one of the most interesting features I have seen in a game and something I love to explore. That fact that your opponents are useful for more than just being targets to smash your weaponry against is fantastic. The constant fighting over a valuable thrall is often entertaining when you have multiple clans at each other’s throats.

The avatar and religious system is also worthy of note, as far as I am personally aware there isn’t any game that leaps to mind that allows you to summon an avatar of your deity to wage war upon your foes! Currently, the mechanics behind them are admittedly simple; build a shrine, sacrifice things, gain favour and that's all there is too it. Thankfully, the developers are intending to expand upon these features in the future, but we haven’t really been given much of a timeline as to when. We can expect either of these features to be expanded on and when we can play and muck about with it all!

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Personally, what keeps me from becoming a dedicated player is that there is a distinct lack of challenge or threat within the game. There is nothing to really combat against other than dungeons and pre-set spawn locations for the monsters and men alike. It is rather easy to travel across the map without fear of getting harmed or killed. This needs to change and with whispers and words of a future update known as “The Purge” coming? Well, myself and my friends will happily leap back into the game for that event.

The Purge is set to be a global event where hostile NPC armies from outside of the map come to raid and pillage your homes. This is most certainly something I would be incredibly interested in, having an NPC invasion force which you are encouraged to defend against would be extremely interesting to deal with. A true test of your defences as you try and protect yourself from things other than players. This will no doubt add reason to capture more thralls to ensure that you have a small militia to defend your base from hostiles with!

The thrall management update that is set to be release is most certainly going to be interesting, adding a few RTS and strategy elements to the game would certainly be interesting and help spice up the map!

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So, really, the best hope for the game is for us to see more of these updates and find out more information on them! If they were announced on places other than reddit and ensured that their discord, which I am apart of, was alive with conversation and discussion? No doubt in my mind that the player base would slowly pick up once more.

Hell, I would love the chance to interview any of them about the game and find out as much as I can about any upcoming features they haven’t really explained in depth!



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Acelister - 07:07pm, 19th June 2017

I need to come back to this. I had fun with it in single player, but that was right after launch and I know there's been a few updates since then.