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Why Battlefield 1 Is The Best Online War Game I've Played

Why Battlefield 1 Is The Best Online War Game I've Played

I've always been a keen online gamer. From Grand Theft Auto to football games, online multiplayer has always been something I enjoy greatly. It's important that there's enough to keep me occupied and a reason for me to keep coming back - and Battlefield 1 excels in this regard.

First of all, the maps are incredibly vast and incredibly detailed. Having played Medal of Honor and Call of Duty over the years, I've found the maps either too small or too bland. Battlefield 1 can boast having vast and detailed maps.

The maps look different to each other, and they require different elements. Some of the maps favour long-range sniping, whereas other maps are more focused on close quarter combat. Admittedly, there could be more maps in the game, but with an upcoming DLC that will be somewhat corrected. Having said that, battling in forests and deserts, or mountainous terrains and tight alleyways, Battlefield 1 has almost every angle covered.

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Not to criticise Call of Duty, as I have been a big fan of CoD’s online play over the years, but I feel the different characters you can play as has made the game become too over the top. There's a feeling of having to outdo the last CoD game by adding wackier and weirder concepts to soldiers. Granted, the customisation is far superior than in Battlefield 1, but the limited customisation feels more special to me. Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout are classes that all offer something different, and they each have an importance in their own right.

The Assault class relies on close-up combat, with powerful machine guns and carrying dynamite which can destroy enemy tanks. Medics are crucial to any team, as they can heal teammates with medical kits and revive stricken ones with a medical syringe. My favourite class is the Support, as they have a good range of weapons, can distribute ammunition to teammates, as well as being able to fix or destroy vehicles with a wrench. Finally the Scout, who is essentially a sniper. I like playing as this class as they have a lot of cool gadgets at their disposal, as well as the element of stealth. The key point about these four classes is that they are important in their own way, and you need a blend of each in your team to be successful.

Game Modes
Conquest, Domination, Team Deathmatch, War Pigeons, Rush. All of the game modes offer something different to each other, and they don't come across as gimmicky in any way.

Conquest and Rush are my two favourite game modes. What I love about Conquest is that battles can last up to 30 minutes, which is reminiscent of the Medal of Honor game that I used to play on PC. There can be up to seven flags to capture in Conquest, with the first team to reach 1000 points being declared the winners. Each capture point is unique in its own way, and come with their own challenges in acquiring them. The sheer scale of battles on Conquest, with large numbers of infantry, tanks, armoured trains, planes, horses - and sometimes boats, appearing on the field of combat. There's almost always something going on, and it makes for some fantastic action.

Rush is all about tactics and completing objectives. This game mode is good for players who like fast-paced action, mixed with the potential of sneaking behind enemy lines. I preferred the latter, as players will tend to follow a more linear path in Rush, as it’s all about teamwork and following the objectives. The good thing about this game mode is that teams will take it in turns to attack and defend the objectives. You can often end up in an all-out skirmish, the gameplay is that intense!

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But, my favourite game mode has to be Operations - if I have time to play through one that is. You get to play across various maps that are based on real-life battles. The little monologues you get here are really cool, and it makes you feel as though you're actually playing the story mode. When attacking, the feeling of pushing forward as a unit is so much fun, and the importance of pushing on as a team cannot be underestimated. You're essentially forcing the defenders back into the next sector, eventually forcing them into a defeat.

Emphasis on Teamwork
As with any online multiplayer game, there is a desire to finish top of the leaderboards, but it's the most selfless war game I've played - especially with the Medic and Support classes. Capturing objectives together, spawning in other teammates vehicles, reviving, supplying with ammunition are just some of the elements that include teamwork.

Changeable Weather
Another element I really love about this game is the in-game weather. Seeing the map change from a glorious, sunny day into a dank and dreary wet scene adds a real sense of realism to the map. More specifically, I love the weather conditions in the Sinai Desert. Out of nowhere a dust storm can engulf the entire map, and the visibility goes from clear, to almost nothing. These conditions make each particular online match feel special.

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The graphics in Battlefield 1 are absolutely breathtaking. From the Italian Alps, to the Sinai Desert, every detail is masterfully presented - and with a DLC later this month, there'll be even more to shout about in this regard.

There have been points where I've switched off from the battle because I've been so amazed by the scenery around me. I like taking screenshots of the game, and it's definitely the most visually stunning war game I've ever played. Being able to destroy buildings or change the landscape around you makes the graphics all the more impressive. Seeing a picturesque landscape transform into a desolate, barren scene once again adds that to the visuals, but it also adds huge realism.

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There you have it - my list of what makes Battlefield 1's online play the best I've experienced. Yes, the loading times between matches can be quite long, and spawn points can be frustrating, but the overall package is truly sublime. From its stunning graphics, to the immersive gameplay, it's hard to find faults in this game. Without question, it is the best war game I've played and it is undoubtedly the best multiplayer war game since those Medal of Honor days on GameSpy Arcade! There's just so much on offer with Battlefield 1 which makes it the best I've played.

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter

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