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Why I'm Excited for Fall Guys to Hit Consoles

Why I'm Excited for Fall Guys to Hit Consoles

As a child I was a huge fan of the crazy game show called Takeshi’s Castle; if you aren’t familiar with the show starring Beat Takeshi, you may know it as Most Extreme Elimination or MXC for short. Contestants would take on crazy challenges against other contestants to see who would successfully reach the goal. Fall Guys feels like a cartoony, action-packed version of this game show starring bright characters dressed up in a variety of costumes. Previously Fall Guys was only available on Steam and PlayStation 4, but as of the 21st of June 2022 it will be available for free on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC through the Epic Games Store. One of the best parts is that there is a crossplay option will be available to match you up with players on other consoles, so no matter the system your friends and family are using, you will be able to compete against each other!


If you are an existing player, you will be rewarded with the Legacy Pack, which contains a collection of cosmetic items for your bean and the first Season Pass for free. The Season Pass is a new supercharged version of Fall Guys’ free progression path that you can purchase using Show-Bucks, the new in-game currency. This is totally optional as there will also be a free progression track that you can play if you don’t want to use Show-Bucks. 


The new version will start off with Season 1: “Free For All”. This is a brand-new, never-seen season that will have the crazy beans all arriving at the battle arena — known as the Blunderdome — to compete against each other to become the champion in all-new events and locations. If you have played Fall Guys in the past, it sounds like this will be a totally new experience as there are major updates to the game’s progression system, and the option to compete against other players that you know on other platforms will add a whole new level of competition.


In the past, having to pay for multiple versions of a game just to play multiplayer was not ideal or even a possibility; the fact that Fall Guys will become a free-to-play title will make it so much more accessible for everyone to play. I can’t wait to have Fall Guys installed on the multiple consoles in my house so my family can compete against my brother and his kids in this vibrant, action-packed game show title. To make this even better a new Mecha Godzilla costume has been announced for the game. I am such a huge fan of the Godzilla movies, and I can’t wait to run around the map as a huge kaiju. Fall Guys is going to be such a fun game that is sure to have everyone laughing; I am counting down the days until the update releases in June when I can face my bean off against all my friends and family!

What do you think about this new Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout announcement? Are you excited to play against players on other consoles, or have you been playing the game for a while and don’t really care? Let us know in the comments below!

Alana Dunitz

Alana Dunitz

Staff Writer

Lover of all games, old and new!

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