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Amnesia: Rebirth—Adventure by Frictional Games.


Website www.amnesiarebirth.com
Developer Frictional Games
Publisher Frictional Games
Platform Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows
Where to buy Amnesia: Rebirth on Steam
Genre Adventure
Release Dates
20th October 2020 PlayStation 4 — World Wide
20th October 2020 Windows — World Wide
Score 6½/10

What Luke Greenfield thought:

6.50/10 6½

“Fitting my thoughts on Amnesia: Rebirth in a single paragraph feels like an impossible task. It’s an effective character-driven narrative with forgettable characters; a tense horror game with a distinct lack of horror. Rebirth is exactly what the developers set out to create, which was not the Dark Descent clone that some people were hoping for.”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review