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Chaos on Deponia—Adventure by Daedalic Entertainment.


Website www.deponia.de
Developer Daedalic Entertainment
Publisher Daedalic Entertainment
Franchise Deponia
Platform Linux, Mac, Windows
Where to buy Chaos on Deponia on Steam
Genres Adventure, Indie
Score 7/10

What Blake Hawthorn thought:

7.00/10 7

“Chaos On Deponia is a fun game, albeit with its flaws. The story is fun and is a nice adventure for families to enjoy together. The writing here is okay and the puzzles are fun but way too easy, they lack the depth that other games from this genre have. Overall you may enjoy this story if you have children and they are looking for their first video game experience, otherwise I would avoid picking this game up if you are expecting a great adventure like the Double Fine games.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 4 Read the full review

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