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Chinatown Detective Agency is a cybernoir point and click adventure blending stunning retro design with innovative mechanics. Play as Amira Darma, an ex-cop who has just opened her own detective agency. Choose your clients, travel around the world and solve dangerous cases using real world research.


Website www.generalinteractive.co
Developer General Interactive Co.
Publisher Humble Games, WhisperGames
Platform Mac, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox X|S
Where to buy Chinatown Detective Agency on Steam
Genre Adventure
Release Dates
7th April 2022 Nintendo Switch — World Wide
7th April 2022 Windows — World Wide
7th April 2022 Xbox One — World Wide
7th April 2022 Xbox X|S — World Wide
Score 9/10

What Alana Dunitz thought:

9.00/10 9

“Chinatown Detective Agency is a title that anyone who loves taking on the role of a gumshoe in a futuristic, pixelated world will enjoy. With clues, ciphers, and other mysteries to solve, this title will make you use your brain and challenge you!”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review
Often/commonly misspelled as china town detective agency,china town detective agensy,china town detective agensie,china town detective agencie,chinatown detective agencie,chinatown detective agensie