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These songs have been featured as either a part of Cyberpunk 2077's licensed soundtrack, or in other mediums connected with the game, such as adverts or promotions.

Cyberpunk 2077 More Music From Night City Radio

Aligns, Rubicones - Trauma
Blue Stahli, Clockwork OS - Stackoverflow
Blue Stahli, Inversion - Black Terminal (Upgrade)
Brian Aspey, Quantum Lovers - Isometric Air
Brian Aspey, Quantum Lovers - Practical Heart]
Brian Aspey, Quantum Lovers - Real Window
Chris Cardena, Sebastian Robertson, Pacific Avenue - Antagonistic
Count, Dukes of Azure - Darkretro
Daniel Davies, Sebastian Robertson, keine - Come Close
Daniel Davies, Sebastian Robertson, The Unresolved - Worlds
Daniel Davies, Sebastian Robertson, The Unresolved - X
JVZEL, Neon Haze - Circus Minimus
Kid Moxie, Ivan Iusco, Ashes Potts - Flying Heads
Kid Moxie, Ivan Iusco, Nablus - Follow the White Crow
Kid Moxie, Jansens - Simple Pleasures
Konrad OldMoney, 7 Facas, Johnny Gr4ves, Cerbeus - Serpant (feat. Cerbeus & Johnny Gr4ves)
Konrad OldMoney, Bez Tatami, Taelor Yung, Gully Foyle - Run the Block (feat. Taelor Yung & Gully Foyle)
Konrad OldMoney, Big Machete, Frawst - Barrio (feat. Frawst)
Konrad OldMoney, ChickyChickas, 37 Heartbreak - Only Son (feat. 37 Heartbreak)
Konrad OldMoney, ChickyChickas, Awrath - Hood (feat. Awrath)
Konrad OldMoney, DAPxFLEM, Cidro Onetoo, Perry Porter - NBOM (feat. Cidro Onetoo & Perry Porter)
Konrad OldMoney, DJ CholoZ, Cerbeus - Westcoast Til I Die (feat. Cerbeus)
Konrad OldMoney, DNE, Chanarah, Cidro Onetoo, G'Natt - Go Blaze (feat. Chanarah, Cidro Onetoo & G'Natt)
Konrad OldMoney, Droox, Taelor Yung - Bigger Man (feat. Taelor Yung)
Konrad OldMoney, FKxU, Blackheart NC - Muerto Thrash (feat. Blackheart NC)
Konrad OldMoney, Haps, Taelor Yung - Day of Dead (feat. Taelor Yung)
Konrad OldMoney, ICHIBANCHI - Dishonor
Konrad OldMoney, Kartel Sonoro, Johnny Gr4ves, Cerbeus - Dagga (feat. Cerbeus & Johnny Gr4ves)
Konrad OldMoney, Kartel Sonoro, TONOSO - Bamo (feat. Tonoso)
Konrad OldMoney, Knixit, Johnny Gr4ves - Bruzez (feat. Johnny Gr4ves)
Konrad OldMoney, Kyubik, Johnny Gr4ves - Gr4ves (feat. Johnny Gr4ves)
Konrad OldMoney, Laputan Machine, Cidro Onetoo, Perry Porter - Warning Shots (feat. Perry Porter & Cidro Onetoo)
Konrad OldMoney, Nc3, Cidro Onetoo, Perry Porter - Blouses Blue (feat. Cidro Onetoo & Perry Porter)
Konrad OldMoney, Pazoozu, S-God - Hello Good Morning (feat. S-God)
Konrad OldMoney, Sugarcoob, Johnny Gr4ves, ANAK KONDA - Clip Boss (feat. Johnny Gr4ves & Anak Konda)
Konrad OldMoney, Triple-B, DED STARK, Gun-Fu - Pluck U (feat. Ded Stark & Gun-Fu)
Konrad OldMoney, UMVN, Cidro Onetoo, Perry Porter, Imp Ra - High School Bully (feat. Cidro Onetoo, Perry Porter & Imp Ra)
Konrad OldMoney, XerzeX, Frawst - Heave Ho (feat. Frawst)
Konrad OldMoney, Yamete, Frawst - Frost (feat. Frawst)
Konrad OldMoney, Young Kenny, Taelor Yung - Problem Kids (feat. Taelor Yung)
Le Destroy, The Red Glare - Pain
OnenO, Perilous Futur - Dirty Roses
OnenO, Slavoj McAllister - Makes Me Feel Better
Raney Shockne, American Medical Association - Blind
Raney Shockne, American Medical Association - Blind (A Cappella)
Rezodrone, Alexei Brayko - Reaktion
Rezodrone, The Cartesian Duelists - Kill the Messenger
Rhys Fulber, Sao Mai - Drained
Rhys Fulber, Spooneater - Subvert]
Sebastian Robertson, Kill The Computer, Indijinouz, Kill Trigger, Paul Senai, Krakow - The God Machines (feat. Paul Senai & KraKow)
Selecto Picasso, Doctor Berserk - Maniak
Steven Richard Davis, Den of Degenerates - Never Stop Me
Steven Richard Davis, Ego Affliction - With Her
The Cold Stares, Brutus Backlash - Suffer Me
The Unfit, Artificial Kids - To the Fullest

Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Volume 1

Aligns & Rubicones - Friday Night Fire Fight
Converge & Shattered Void - I Won't Let You Go
Deadly Hunta, Maro Music & Footage Missing - When It's War
Deafkids & Tainted Overlord - Selva Pulsátil
Konrad OldMoney & 7 Facas - Dinero (feat. Cerbeus)
Le Destroy & The Bait - Kill Kill
Run The Jewels & Yankee and the Brave - No Save Point
The Armed & Homeschool Dropouts - Night City Aliens
Tomb Mold & Bacillus - Adaptive Manipulator
Yugen Blakrok & Gorgon Madonna - Metamorphosis

Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Volume 2

Gazelle Twin & Trash Generation - History
Grimes & Lizzy Wizzy - Delicate Weapon
Health & Window Weather - Major Crimes
Namakopuri & Us Cracks - PonPon Shit
Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - Surprise Me, I’m Surprised Today
Połoz & Tinnitus - On My Way to Hell
Raney Shockne & Point Break Candy - Hole In The Sun (feat. COS & Conway)
Rat Boy & IBDY - Who's Ready for Tomorrow
Rosa Walton & Hallie Coggins - I Really Want to Stay At Your House

Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Volume 3

Baron Black, Auer & Baron Celine - RATATATA
Damian Ukeje, P.T. Adamczyk & Kerry Eurodyne - Chippin' In
David Rolas & Papito Gringo - Muévelo
Geno Lenardo & Code 137 - Suicide (feat. Zeale)
Konrad OldMoney & Don Mara - Tatted On My Face (feat. 37 Heartbreak)
Le Destroy & The Red Glare - Violence
Namakopuri & Us Cracks - User Friendly
R E L & Artemis Delta - Night City
RAT BOY & IBDY - Likewise
Rezodrone & The Cartesian Duelists - Resist and Disorder
Sebastian Robertson, Daniel Davies & Keine - Dead Pilot
Steven Richard Davis & Kings of Collapse - Run

Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Volume 4

Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - Delirium 2
Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - Harm Sweaty Pit
Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - My Lullaby For You
Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - Pilling In My Head
Nina Kraviz & Bara Nova - Surprise Me, I’m Surprised Today

Note: Some tracks may not be available for streaming. Tracks that were included later in the games lifespan via DLC may not be included.

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