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These songs have been featured as either a part of DiRT: Showdown's licensed soundtrack, or in other mediums connected with the game, such as adverts or promotions.

A Loss For Words - The Hammers Fall
Black Spiders - Cold Dead Hands
Blokhe4d - Ghost in a Can
Blokhe4d - Hexagon
Breakage - Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix)
BYOB - One Way Road
Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn
Canterbury - Ready Yet?
Danny Byrd - Sweet Harmony
Dot Rotten - Are You Not Entertained?
Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux - Mother of Girl
Equalizers - Wide Awake
Far Too Loud - Play It Loud
Far Too Loud - We Want to Dance
Felguk - The Funky Drama (FTampa Mix)
Freestylers - Cracks (Control-Z Remix)
Grand Magus - At Midnight They'll Get Wise (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Kids in Glass Houses - Animals (Hadouken Remix)
Kudu - Let’s Finish (Sinden Remix)
Labrinth - Earthquake (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
LostAlone - Do You Get What You Pray For?
Lower than Atlantis - If the World Was to End (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Max Raptor - The King is Dead
Melleefresh - Intuition (Darth & Vader Remix)
Neelix - Disco Decay (Felguk Mix)
Nero - Innocence (Feed Me Remix) (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Nero - Me & You (Dirtyphonics Mix)
Reckless Love - Speedin'
Rise Against - Architects
Rise Against - Help is on The Way
Rival Sons - Get What's Coming
Rubicon Cross - Locked and Loaded
Scott Nixon - The March
Skryptcha - Runnin' Away
South Central - Japan (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Stanton Warriors - Shoot Me Down
Templeton Pek - Call to Disarm
Templeton Pek - Signs (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
The Answer - Piece by Piece (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
The Parlor Mob - Into The Sun
The Treatment - Departed
The Treatment - Shake The Mountain
The Treatment - The Doctor (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Turbowolf - A Rose for the Crows
We Are The Ocean - Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic (FLAGGED AS MISSING)
Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica

Note: Some tracks may not be available for streaming. Tracks that were included later in the games lifespan via DLC may not be included.

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