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Flix and Chill 2: Millennials—Casual by Jason Lovett.


Website www.kbrosinc.com
Developer Jason Lovett
Publisher K Bros Games
Platform Windows
Where to buy Flix and Chill 2: Millennials on Steam
Genres Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Dates
18th July 2017 — World Wide

What Kayla Hill thought:

3.00/10 3

“Flix and Chill 2: Millennials attempts to give an insight into millennial culture and issues that affect the younger generation. Instead the game either misses its own point or is just comical in its delivery. There is very little game here. It is possible to finish in under two hours and with the lack of any mechanics, other than dialogue choices that may or may not even yield a different result, Flix and Chill 2: Millennials feels very lackluster.”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review