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Flix & Chill 2: Millennials Flirting Its Way Onto Steam July 18th

Earlier in the year, indie developer and publisher K Bros Games highlighted the trials and tribulations of dating in the 21st century with the adorable Flix & Chill, a surprise hit that found fans among the likes of YouTubers Cinnamontoastken and Markiplier. Building on what made the first game so captivating, Flix & Chill 2: Millenials lands on Steam on July 18th and explores dating scenarios in the constantly changing and sometimes exhausting social climate the current generation find themselves in.

In Flix & Chill 2 you take on a role of various individuals meeting up with their romantic interest. Each episode will introduce you to a new character and their own branch of dialogue decisions with moral choices and a multitude of unique endings. There are four different characters, each with their own dedicated episode and date scenarios. 

Taking a new approach with the sequel, Flix & Chill 2 leans more towards adventure and exploration gameplay rather than simple point-and-click. In addition to the game mechanics updated, the episodes are now more racially diverse and less hetero-normative than the original. Further, since not all romantic encounters in real life are structured as a date, none of the chapters in Flix and Chill 2 involve going on a date, but instead are about allowing romance to simply "happen" in real life situations. In essence, it promises to "reflect the issues and quirks of the modern Millennial's relationships in a lighthearted, optimistic manner".

Check out the announce trailer to see it in all its cute glory.

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Andrew Wowk

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